We test at the extract level, not the product level, so that you can see the exact hemp extract(s) used to create your product. These test do not show the exact cannabinoid content in your product. For that, refer to the product’s label.

Unless specifically stated on the product labels, our products are made with the amount of extract required to bring a product to the listed amount of CBD or CBN on the label. So a product listed at “500 mg CBD” and made with a hemp extract containing 80% CBD, would contain 625 mg of hemp extract of which 500 mg is CBD.

Bath Bombs

Body Wash

Face Serums

Hair Serum

Lip Balms (Slick Lips)

Liquid Foundations

Massage Oil


Pain Cream

Tattoo Balm


CBD Oil Tinctures
CBN:CBD Enhanced Oil: CBN + CBD


CBD Benefit Focused Vape Pens
CBD Benefit Focused Vape Cartridges
CBD Flavored Distillate Cartridges
Comfortably Numb: 1 + 2 + 3

To ensure your products maintain potency we recommend they are stored in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, at 70°F or below. Heat and UV light are the main causes of CBD degradation, so be mindful of where you keep your product. Refrigeration is not typically necessary unless it will take a few months or more to use your product. In general, the typical shelf life of our products are 12-24 months, but may be shorter for products containing water.