3Chi’s Twelve Tincture Blends

3Chi Tinctures
  3Chi has tincture blends for every occasion. Most are fueled by Delta 8 THC or CBD, two hemp-derived, legal and incredible cannabinoids that have become extremely popular in recent years. Tens of thousands of users around the country swear by these natural products, and regularly take advantage of their many helpful effects. For some, these effects can be powerfully therapeutic. For others, the reported effects can help improve aspects of their daily routine. Here is what you can expect from all twelve custom blends.  

What is Tincture?

Tinctures are fast-acting oil blends, designed to be taken orally. The drops are largely flavorless, and offer a convenient way to enjoy the effects of all of your favorite cannabinoids. To use, place a desired amount under the tongue and let them sit for 90 seconds. The MCT carrier oil used by 3Chi will absorb rapidly, and the rest can be swallowed. Tinctures have no smell, require no cleanup, and users report feeling sensations almost immediately.  

Delta 8 THC Tincture

3Chi’s Delta 8 tincture is a premium blend designed to provide the full Delta 8 experience. While these cannabinoids affect each user slightly differently, customers consistently report feeling a combination of relaxed and euphoric. This legal version of THC is the strongest cannabinoid 3Chi offers, and the sensations generated will typically offer a full-body experience. Tinctures that include Delta 8 can be potent, so start with a low initial dose and add more as needed. You can find delta 8 tinctures HERE  

Comfortably Numb Tincture (Delta 8THC:CBN Blend)

The Comfortably Numb blend is a custom mixture of Delta 8 THC and CBN. 3Chi designed this blend specifically for an extreme calm and peaceful experience, and pairing these complementary cannabinoids creates a unique set of effects that are typically drowsy and relaxing.  Comfortably Numb tinctures are available HERE  

Focused Blend Tincture: Sleep

Sleep is the first of the focused blends on the list — a line of six CBD-based formulas that are light and functional. As the name suggests, 3Chi designed Sleep for sleeping. The blend uses CBD and CBN to create an experience that is milder than the Comfortably Numb and better-suited for users new to the world of cannabinoids. Some users also find that CBD better-fits their needs, and prefer the more subtle sensations.  Find Sleep HERE.  

Focused Blend Tincture: Soothe

Users often describe the effects of Soothe as “Relief Driven.” And indeed, that was 3Chi’s intention when formulating this custom blend. Using select ratios of CBD, CBC, and CBN, alongside a number of other minor cannabinoids, the Soothe is reportedly capable of lessening discomfort and calming the body. This tincture can be found HERE.  

Focused Blend Tincture: Calm

3Chi designed Calm to generate a powerfully relaxing experience — one that is equal parts worry-free and cathartic. Using a CBD-dominant formula, this broad-spectrum blend contains a wide range of cannabinoids that work in cohesion to help bring calming sensations to your self-care routine. You can find Calm HERE.  

Focused Blend Tincture: Focus

The next few tincture blends are intended to be motivating rather than calming, and were designed to have a more active profile. 3Chi’s focus blend revolves around CBD and CBG, but like the others, contains calculated ratios of many other minor cannabinoids. Users report it helps them stay alert and locked in to a wide range of daily activities. If you think focus is right for you, click HERE.  

Focused Blend Tincture: Happy

Happy is all about elevating mood. The CBD-dominant blend has a calming but uplifting profile, offering a well-rounded experience that fits any time of day.  Click HERE to shop for Happy Tincture  

Natural CBD

The final Focused Blend tincture is the Natural CBD. This broad spectrum mixture has a smooth and light profile. Natural CBD is perhaps the most versatile blend, and can be paired with other products to help focus the active sensations. You can find Natural HERE.  


Containing equal parts CBG and CBD, this concentrated blend offers a powerful and even set of effects. Like the Focus blend, the presence of CBG reportedly helps increase energy and motivation in users.  Click HERE to go to that page.  


This blend features an equal ratio of CBN and CBD. This high concentration of CBN generates calming and peaceful sensations, and can be a strong sleep blend for users seeking a deep set of effects. This blend can be found HERE.  

CBN Broad Spectrum

This CBN Broad spectrum is the original Comfortably Numb formula, featuring a CBN-dominant ratio of CBD and minor cannabinoids. Like other CBN-based blends, evidence suggests this formula can provide deep nighttime relief. 3Chi offers several sleep-focused blends in order to ensure each and every customer can find a product that fits their needs. There is some variation in the cannabinoid experience from person to person, which makes it important for companies to provide a range of options. If a low dose of CBN and delta 8 wasn’t right for you, perhaps high ratios of CBD and CBN might prove more effective. This flexibility helps guarantee an equally enjoyable experience across the board. Click HERE to go to the CBN Broad Spectrum page.  


This potent blend is nearly 90 percent CBC, and this high ratio makes for an intense experience. CBC is thought to elevate mood, and users often report a motivating set of sensations, but little is definitively known about this minor cannabinoid. You can find this CBC blend HERE.  

Blends for Every Occasion

Hopefully this article shed light on the uses of each of 3Chi’s twelve custom tincture blends. If you have any further questions about any of the products described, click HERE to reach out to 3Chi directly. Our customer support is more than happy to answer any questions! If you think any of these tincture blends might be right for your needs, click HERE to shop.   

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