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Celebrate 420 with Delta 8


  April 20th is here, and the community is once again preparing for the annual celebration of all things cannabis and hemp. This year, a growing number of users are turning to delta 8 to maximize their holiday experience — joining the nationwide craze surrounding this federally legal THC. Here is why you should celebrate […]

Delta 8 Distillate: What is it?


Today we will be talking about delta 8 distillate and some of the common questions around the product. What is a Distillate? A distillate is a thick, translucent oil devoid of impurities and other undesirable compounds from the cannabis plant. It is sought after due to its potency and versatility. Distillates can be used to […]

Delta 8 Strains – Different Strains for Different Effects


Is all delta 8 the same? The answer is no. There are different delta 8 strains with each one providing a new and different experience. Today we will be talking about the different strains for different effects.  Different Delta 8 Strains for Different Effects The two types of strains are Sativa and Indica. There are […]

The Basics About Delta 8 Edibles


One of the best delta 8 products on the market for the general public comes in the form of edibles. These are foods that have been infused with Delta 8. Each food and product has a different amount of Delta 8 within them, so make sure to research each product to discover how much of […]

Baking with Delta 8 Distillate


One of the biggest advantages of delta 8 and cannabinoids are their flexibility. There are a number of ways to safely consume these natural compounds and enjoy their effects. Today we will talk about baking with delta 8. Most people smoke delta 8, but it is also possible to buy edibles — or make your […]

The Best Delta 8 Products For You


Delta 8 THC comes in many different varieties. This can be confusing for some people, so let’s break down the four most common types of Delta 8 products. Delta 8 Distillate So, what products does Delta 8 THC come in? One is a high purity liquid called distillate. Distillate can sometimes be supplied in a […]

Buy Delta 8 Online Legally


There has never been a better time to try delta 8. The cannabinoid market as a whole is more widespread and affordable than ever before, and the quality of the oils and flower continues to increase as companies continually improve growing and extraction methods. Cannabis saw several states move towards legalization in 2020. Sometimes the […]

Do Delta 8 Vape Cartridges Expire?


If you’ve found an old vape cartridge and wondered if you could still get a hit from the dregs of oil coating the bottom – this is for you. As tempting as it may be, that cartridge has likely been sitting in your drawer for weeks or even months, and it can be difficult to […]

Mixing Delta 8 and CBD

    The cannabinoid family has a broad spectrum of helpful effects. Many of them are well-known and widely used, including the two this article covers today — delta 8 THC and CBD. But a lesser known fact about these effects are the ways in which they are influenced by each other. The presence of […]

How Long Does a Delta 8 High Last?


  For delta 8 and cannabis newcomers, accurately judging the correct dosage can be tricky. We’ve all heard stories of people who ate an entire sheet of brownie edibles and spent 10 hours in a paranoid haze. Those scenes are rare outliers, but they highlight the importance of knowing your limits — and knowing what […]

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