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How Long Does a Delta 8 High Last?


  For delta 8 and cannabis newcomers, accurately judging the correct dosage can be tricky. We’ve all heard stories of people who ate an entire sheet of brownie edibles and spent 10 hours in a paranoid haze. Those scenes are rare outliers, but they highlight the importance of knowing your limits — and knowing what […]

How Long Should You Make Your Delta 8 Tolerance Break?


  Developing a tolerance to cannabinoids is an inevitable part of frequent use. Unfortunately, it can also seriously hamper the experience. A tolerance buildup can lead to significantly lessened effects, and a growing need to take increasingly-higher doses in order to achieve the desired benefits. It can become both expensive and frustrating.  This phenomenon has […]

How to Maximize Your Delta 8 Experience


  Many long-time smokers tried delta 8 THC for the first time in 2020. This fast-growing cannabinoid has become one of the hottest products in the industry thanks to its unique and unbeatable set of effects, and its federally legal status has allowed it to reach huge parts of the country that ordinarily wouldn’t have […]

Five Things to Consider Before Trying Delta 8 THC

delta 8 tinctures

  Trying anything for the first time can be as thrilling as it is intimidating. Cannabinoids in particular, many of which offer a wide range of active effects, can vary wildly in the experience they offer. The better-prepared you are, the more likely you will be to enjoy that initial ride. With that in mind, […]

What are the Effects of Delta 8 THC?


  Delta-8 THC has been exploding in popularity since it first became available in late 2019 — And it is easy to see why.  This relatively unknown cannabinoid offers an incredible set of active effects, and unlike cannabis, is federally legal. Delta 8 currently fills a need in states where cannabis is still banned, but […]

The Differences Between Delta 8 and CBD

  If you’re new to the cannabis community, it can be difficult to distinguish between the hundreds of cannabinoids and their many benefits. The names aren’t very intuitive, and there is a seemingly an entire glossary of terms, definitions, and industry-specific lingo.  This article is going to break down the differences between two of the […]

Everything You Need to Start Dabbing Delta 8


If you’ve tried 3Chi’s Delta 8 THC Vapes and Delta 8 THC Gummies, you might also enjoy dabbing with our Delta 8 THC Sauces. Here is everything you need: A Dab Rig A rig is the key to dabbing. Once the concentrate is heated, the rig is the container that you’ll use to inhale the […]

The Medical Case for Delta-8 THC


  The growing list of medical benefits for cannabis is hard to ignore. Users and doctors alike swear by the many treatments it offers — and each new study seems more promising than the last. On top of this, recent developments in new THC strains are generating a lot of interest from the medical community. […]

Is Delta-8 Safe? What We know…

  Whenever a brand-new new product enters the market, it immediately raises some red flags. Is it safe? What don’t we know about it? Add to that a name like Delta-8 and the word cannabis, and you have a genuine lightning rod for scrutiny and misinformation. Both sides want to make claims that Delta-8 is […]

How Did Delta 8 THC Become Legal?


The cannabis community is rapidly becoming aware of Delta 8 THC. It appeared seemingly-overnight like some strange internet trend and is growing in popularity rapidly. But unlike those trends, delta-8 is here to stay. This new THC sits poised to claim a massive chunk of the cannabis market in the US. So where exactly did […]

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