Mixing Delta 8 and CBD

    The cannabinoid family has a broad spectrum of helpful effects. Many of them are well-known and widely used, including the two this article covers today — Delta 8 THC and CBD. But a lesser known fact about these effects are the ways in which they are influenced by each other. The presence of one cannabinoid can dramatically alter the profile of another, and vice versa.  Combining cannabinoids is an exciting and beneficial way to boost their effectiveness, enhancing the overall quality of the experience. How these cannabinoids change is dependent upon the combination used. Pairing two cannabinoids will yield a different result than two others.  Here is what experts recommend when mixing Delta 8 and CBD products. Hopefully highlighting these combinations might more quickly help you reach the best possible sensations for your needs. Let’s jump right in.   

Entourage Effect

The “encourage and entourage” effect is the phenomenon behind this cannabinoid reaction. It states that the effects of a given cannabinoid is altered and magnified in the presence of another cannabinoid. Simply put, they all boost each other’s strength. Now why this occurs isn’t totally clear, but these natural compounds all exist together in hemp plants and clearly hold an inherently synergistic relationship.  This is also why more companies are beginning to offer “full spectrum” blends — custom oils that contain a range of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, and more — in order to promote this “entourage effect” interaction.  You can also use this to your benefit. By mixing existing products, it is possible to make a personalized blend that takes full advantage of this useful trait. When using 3Chi Delta 8 and CBD products, there are a number of combinations that have real merit. (Note: If you’re seeking a blend to specifically aid with sleep, 3Chi offers a Delta 8 and CBN combination intended for just that. You can find those products HERE.)  

Putting It All Together

There are a few viable ways to try mixing Delta 8 and CBD. You could eat half of a CBD gummy and half of a Delta 8 gummy. You could do the same thing with two vape cartridges, taking small puffs of each. But bringing tinctures into the mix can allow for a more seamless blend.  Tinctures are simply concentrated cannabinoids added to a flavorless carrier oil for easy absorption. It is a thin, clear liquid, similar to water. Typically a user would put a few drops under their tongue for about 90 seconds. They are fast-acting and extremely convenient to use, and the effects look and feel very similar to traditional edibles. And the best part? They pair perfectly with vape cartridges. The two both kick in almost immediately, which makes dosing easy to adjust and track. For that reason, consider pairing a Delta 8 vape cartridge with a custom CBD tincture blend.  The next thing to consider is the strain and profile of the Delta 8 and CBD. Think of the two as a pair of dancers. The Delta 8 leads, and the CBD complements and adds flair. What you’re looking for in a set of sensations will vary depending on your specific situation, but this article aims for as well-balanced a blend, with particular emphasis on drawing out the effects of both cannabinoids. You can find delta 8 cartridges HERE. Caribbean Dream and Gelato are popular options for such a pairing. There are a number of excellent natural CBD tinctures, but the Soothe Blend found HERE seems to mix especially well with Delta 8. In general, Sativa blends are going to energize and motivate, and Indica blends will help calm and relieve.   

Mixing Delta 8 and CBD Makes A Perfect Team 

If you’re new to the world of Delta 8, consider following THIS LINK to learn more about this federally legal THC. But for now the important thing to know is that Delta 8 interacts with your body a lot like cannabis, with a few notable differences — in particular the full-body sensations.  Delta 8 binds to two sets of receptors in the human body, one of which also interacts with CBD. This means the CB2 receptors, which are located in the deep muscle tissue, are twice as stimulated when both cannabinoids are present. And because they magnify one another, the effects are even more pronounced.  Pairing the two should result in a much deeper, full-body feeling. If you’re someone who has used Delta 8 on its own, the heightened effects will be much more noticeable.  When cannabis becomes heightened, it is often accompanied by feelings of paranoia, which can be disorienting. This is because Delta-9, the active ingredient, becomes more intoxicating at higher doses. Delta 8 is significantly less overwhelming, and the magnification caused by CBD leads to an overall more enjoyable experience.  So if you’re someone who uses delta 8 or CBD, consider putting them together. Who knows? You might come to prefer it.   

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