What to Look For When Buying Delta 8


It is more important than ever to carefully evaluate the source of your products when buying delta 8 THC. In the cannabinoid market in particular, the difference between a premium and average product is significant, and will directly impact that products’ effectiveness. 

This quality is dependent on the company that produces the delta 8. As a consumer, you want the best. And to buy from the best, you need to know what you’re looking for. 

While it can often be difficult to judge a brand from the website alone, there are several factors that reliably indicate if a given source can be trusted. This article will cover several in detail, with the goal of helping you make the best-informed decision when finding the right delta 8 products for your needs. 


Third Party Testing 

The single most important factor is the quality of the delta 8 oil. All of the top delta 8 companies in the US pay for extremely thorough third-party laboratory testing, to ensure no impurities from the refinement process end up in the final product. It is not enough for a company to run those tests itself, as there are numerous opportunities for inaccuracies to alter or misreport the results.

Any reputable delta 8 company will pay for third-party testing on all products, and publish those results publicly. That is the only way to guarantee the product is exactly the quality described on the label. 

Those tests should look for all relevant potential impurities, including residual chemicals, heavy metals, and prohibited concentrations of delta 9 THC. Failing to test for any of these pollutants could have seriously adverse effects for the consumer. 

Any company that does not employ third-party testing, or doesn’t publish those results on its site, should be immediately disqualified from consideration. It really is that important. 


Reputation and Reviews

Another factor to consider is the reputation of your source. What is the community saying about the company in question?

Does the company website allow reviews? Are the reviews on there mostly positive? Do they have a lot of reviews? Does it look like the company has made an effort to engage and grow its  community? These are signs of a flourishing brand that is invested in the delta 8 industry and its users. 

Media inclusion can also be another factor to consider. Are outlets that cover the industry writing about the company? Is the company forming partnerships? Do “Top Ten” lists and aggregate sites rank the companies’ products near the top? Whenever you’re unsure about a product or market, it is helpful to hear what the experts are saying. They are the ones with the context and knowledge to give informed opinions. 

It is also often useful to also see what people are saying about that company on social media. Are posts mostly positive? These types of reviews are much harder to hide, and will typically be a more reliable indicator. 

Does that brand engage with users on social media? Do they answer questions and help with troubleshooting? A more active brand will almost always be more responsive, and have a better relationship with the community. All of these are signs of a company you can trust. 


Policies and Service 

If you plan to build any kind of lasting relationship with a brand, there is a good chance you’ll eventually need help on the customer support side of things. Here, you should briefly look over their policies and service options and weigh them against competing brands. Factors to consider: 

Are the policies fair? Do they overly-favor the company? Good policy can mean the difference between a full refund and lost investment. 

Are the customer support options readily available? Are their phone lines usually crowded? Do you find yourself talking to a robot more often than not? The level of service says a lot about a companies’ priorities. If a brand won’t give you the time of day, it is hard to believe they genuinely care about you or their customer base. 


Popularity and Products 

As the saying goes, a good product sells itself. If a company isn’t well-known, it may mean they are simply small and growing. But it could also mean that their product just isn’t that enticing compared to the other options. 

A few things to look for here:

Where does this company sell? Is it only online? Do they rank highly in the search results? That would indicate a high level of site traction. 

If they do sell in stores, where are those products placed? Shops will often put the best-selling products in the most visible spots, and hide the less popular options off to the side.

How many products do they sell? Is it a wide assortment? Or just one or two blends? A smaller lineup likely indicates the brand is relatively new to the delta 8 industry. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, less established brands are more prone to mistakes or variations in formulation. And variations in quality are far more likely when working in small-batch quantities. 

Creating premium delta 8 blends requires an extremely high level of expertise and a huge amount of specialized equipment — something that not every CBD-supplier-turned-delta-8-seller can provide. If a brand is offering delta 8 in bulk or wholesale, it means they have standardized their formulation process. And standardization is often tied directly to consistency. As a consumer, consistency is key. 

Similarly, the source of the hemp used to make the delta 8 says a lot about the quality of the brand in question. Is it US hemp? Is it organically grown? That hemp is the building block that determines so much about the effectiveness and feel of the final product, and is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration.


Brands That Do It Right

Fortunately, there are a number of reputable brands that go above and beyond to offer the highest-possible quality of delta 8 products. And if you are willing to do your research, you’ll have no trouble locating sites that bring excellence to every part of their formulation process. 

3Chi is one such resource. Not only was 3Chi the very first company in the US to offer federally legal delta 8 products, it has also been the single-most-popular delta 8 supplier for the past two years. 

In fact, 3Chi has become synonymous with delta 8 THC. All 3Chi oil is the highest-quality found anywhere on the market, and comes in a number of delicious, easy-to-use products, including edibles and disposable vape cartridges. 

To read firsthand about the level of testing that goes into every single 3Chi product, click HERE to go to the testing page. Or, to explore some delta 8 products yourself, and read more than 1,200 reviews from real users, click HERE

The 3Chi community is a group of people passionate about delta 8 and the amazing effects it provides. Countless customers from around the country take advantage of the therapeutic effects of the cannabinoid family and delta 8 every single day, and find relief from a huge number of common ailments. 

Ensuring a consistent level of quality is more than a requirement — it is an obligation. 3Chi takes product formulation very seriously, and its team is constantly working to make the best possible version of delta 8 on the market. 

Hopefully this guide helped you better understand what makes a delta 8 company average or exception. Good luck, and happy shopping! 


If you are interested in learning more about delta 8 THC and its incredible set of effects, follow this link HERE. 


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