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3Chi’s reputation for quality and reliability has made it the most popular delta 8 retailer in the USA. The Midwest company has sold tens of thousands of premium vape cartridges to countless users seeking legal THC. Of the more than 30 unique cartridge options, several continue to stand out as truly beloved blends — the kind users return to time and time again. 

Using sales data and over 1,300+ customer reviews, here are the top five all-time most popular 3Chi carts.  


1. Pineapple Express – Best all time classic

2. Blue Dream – Best for warm and fuzzing feelings

3. Green Crack – Best for Energy

4. Granddaddy Purple – Best for Sleep

5. Granddaddy Pluto – Best for Relaxation and Relief




Number Five: The Best Delta 8 Vape for Relaxation and Relief – Granddaddy Pluto

Coming in at number five, Granddaddy Pluto is a staple for those seeking the perfect end-of-day unwind experience. This flavor-filled Indica brings chill vibes and a full-body feel to any relaxing routine. 

One satisfied 3Chi reviewer wrote the following about this blend: 

Each puff tastes strongly of pine, with hints of berry and lemon. For an out-of-this-world experience, give Granddaddy Pluto a try. You can click HERE to jump straight to that page, or continue to Number Four below. 


Number Four: The Best Delta 8 Vape for Sleep – Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple offers an unbeatable nighttime experience. The flavors are heavily floral and fruity, with notes of earthiness and pine. 

If you’re looking for a potent Indica with a soothing profile, Granddaddy Purple is the blend for you. Enjoy all our delta 8 THC vape cartridges here

Two customers found this to be exactly what they needed: 

Number Three: The Best Delta 8 Vape for Energy – Green Crack

Users love Green Crack for the boost it often provides — with some even likening the effects to a shot of espresso. This potent and citrusy blend offers a set of sensations that are equal parts energizing and euphoric, combining all the best parts of the Sativa experience into one unbeatable package.

For best results, pair Green Crack with outdoor and social activities, or any kind of bustling environment. You can find it HERE

Two customer reviewed this vape in 2020, and had only good things to say: 

Number Two: The Best Delta 8 Vape for that Warm and Fuzzy Feeling – Blue Dream

These final two blends are best known for their well-balanced effects and mouth watering fruity flavors. Their main appeal lies in the nearly universally-enjoyable experience in any setting or time of day. Active and outdoors? Perfect. Relaxing and mellow? Fits right in. 

There isn’t much to dislike about Blue Dream. The hybrid blend is sweet with enough energizing effects to keep the user alert throughout the active experience. It is equal parts relaxing and motivating, and hits like a dream. Click HERE to explore and read reviews for yourself.

Below are just a few of the dozens of users that have raved about this blend:

Number One: The Best Delta 8 Vape – Pineapple Express [The All Time Classic]

Holding down the number one spot is perhaps the most famous of the hemp strains. Pineapple Express is a beloved, iconic Sativa that feels every bit as good as it tastes. And it tastes very good. 

This tropical blend has an unmistakable pineapple flavor, and brings an uplifting and motivating set of sensations to every puff. The experience provides just enough energy to boost mood without creating jittery feelings. Even among delta 8 blends, the effects are powerfully euphoric. And, like Blue Dream, Pineapple Express fits a number of settings.

There are more than twenty reviews that mention Pineapple Express by name. Here are just a few of the most passionate responses:


Pineapple Express is the standalone all-time favorite for a reason. You can find it HERE, alongside the full blend collection. 

Similarities Among Blends

All these carts share a few key characteristics. For one, they are made from 3Chi’s premium delta 8 concentrate, and have been enhanced with strain-specific terpenes to help shape the flavor and feel of the blend. This high-quality oil is powerful and fast-acting, and offers one of the best ways to enjoy the amazing effects of legal THC. 

The contents of cartridge have also been lab-tested by a third party company in order to guarantee to customers that the blends are devoid of impurities or pollutants. 

3Chi users can shop and feel safe, knowing all of the oil is a reliable cannabinoid-and-terpene blend. Those test results are available for anyone to explore, and can be found HERE

The premium distillate blends are also housed in glass CCell cartridges. They are 510-thread compatible and require a battery in order to use properly. You can read more about the product specifications HERE

Read all the Delta 8 Vape reviews HERE.


Hopefully this review helped you decide which delta 8 products are best for your needs. If you’re interested in exploring delta 8 gummies or tincture, you can follow the link HERE to jump to that page. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about delta 8 and where it fits in the world of cannabinoids, you can follow this link HERE for a full breakdown. Good luck and happy shopping!


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