Is It Bad to Repeatedly Open Your Delta 8 Bulk Oil?

delta 8 Bulk Oil Distillate

There are lots of advantages to buying your delta 8 distillate oil in bulk quantities. First and foremost is the affordability, since bulk prices will always be cheaper than individual products.

But buying in bulk also reduces the number of shipped packages you have to deal with, saving you time and energy, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting packages. 

There are, however, a few potential downsides, and users often wonder if their oil is losing any of its potency after opening their jar multiple times. Is that a real issue? And if so, what can be done about it?


Is It Bad to Repeatedly Open Your Delta 8 Bulk Oil?

It is perfectly fine to regularly to open your bulk oil. Delta 8 distillate is highly concentrated and super long-lasting. Under optimal storage conditions — meaning no light or heat — distillate oil in an airtight jar can last up to eight months or more with no dip in quality or effectiveness. 

But what happens if you repeatedly open that jar? The short answer is that, while not ideal, the major downside to opening the jar is exposing the oil to fresh air, and this alone isn’t going to dramatically affect the integrity of the distillate.

You can think of this product as similar to something like coffee beans. Most experts will tell you that a bag of coffee beans will only last 3-5 weeks once opened. Breaking the seal exposes the roasted beans to oxygen, which immediately begins to break them down. Now, this process occurs much more quickly than it would with distillate, but the general principle is the same. Nearly any product exposed to oxygen will begin to degrade, and your oil is no different. The major distinction is that the distillate will remain usable for far longer than coffee beans. 


Signs of Spoilage

Even after being repeatedly opened, your oil should remain potent for up to four months. This timeframe is dependent on several factors, including how often the product is exposed to air, and for how long. In general however, regular exposure should only marginally shrink its lifespan. 

It is also important to note here that the lifespan of distillate is relative up until a certain point. This is because even if parts of the oil have broken down, there still may be active cannabinoids present in the liquid. It isn’t until the entire batch has spoiled that the oil is truly at the end of its life. Indicators of spoiled oil include radical changes to color and consistency, changes in texture, or any sour or off-putting smell (If your oil is crystallizing, do not worry — that is natural and easily reversible).

In short, if you’re planning to use your entire stock within a few months, you do not need to worry at all about opening your jar over and over. 


Proactive Tip

If you want to avoid these potential complications altogether, separate your bulk oil in a single sitting. Many users take their bulk jar and split it into even portions for storage. Then, when you need the distillate, the majority of the oil will remain in its sealed containers. 



Distillate is so powerful and so long-lasting that the vast majority of users do not need to concern themselves with potential spoilage. In nearly every occasion, you’ll use up your stash of oil before it ever has the chance to degrade substantially.

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