3Chi’s Rootbeer Taffies Have Arrived — And They’re Amazing

delta 8 Root Beer Taffies


3Chi is continually offering new and exciting ways to enjoy the effects of delta 8 THC, most recently rolling out a brand new line of mouthwatering rootbeer taffies. These bite-sized candies deliver the powerful THC-driven experience you know and love, all in a sweet and chewy package. Here is what you should expect from this recent addition:


About the Taffies 

3Chi’s rootbeer taffies are designed to be every bit as delicious and potent as the many other premium edible options. Each taffy is small and square, roughly the size of a quarter, and contains 25 full mg of delta 8. Just as is the case with the other edibles, you should consider starting with a half-sized portion on first tasting. This will allow your body the chance to adjust to the powerful sensations. Of course if you’re already comfortable with edible dosing, you should be able to easily match your typical use.

When biting into a piece, you can expect the same soft, stringy, and light texture that characterizes any well-made piece of taffy. The sugary sweetness hits hard and fast, and lingers just long enough to leave you wanting more. 

The flavors of the taffies are inspired by the rich taste of root beer — an iconic American drink which gets its profile from the roots of the North American sassafras tree. There is truly nothing else that tastes like root beer, and that distinct mixture of flavor — part sweet, part creamy, with a kick of natural root — combines beautifully within the candy bites. The result is a product that delivers on all levels. 

Taffies come in bags of six, and, when stored properly, will remain fresh and potent for several months without incident. 


Active Effects

The effects of the rootbeer taffies closely resemble those of other edible delta 8 products 3Chi offers. Typically you can expect the experience to be some combination of uplifting and soothing, with a mild but functional set of effects to help put you in the perfect relaxing mood. These types of products often take between 45 and 90 minutes to fully kick in. But, once active, they will last up to six hours without any decrease in intensity. For any users seeking an all-day buzz, these taffies are the perfect way to get there. 

And remember, edibles are widely considered to be the most potent product type. Use caution when trying for the first time, and ramp up dosing slowly as needed. 



If you’d like to try these delicious taffies for yourself, click HERE to head to that page to start shopping. 3Chi is the most popular delta 8 supplier in the country, and it is new and innovative products like these that have allowed the company to remain the industry leader in all things delta 8. 

Every single 3Chi product, including edibles, undergo thorough third-party cannabinoid testing. These tests certify that all blends do not contain any unwanted chemicals or impurities. You can read those lab results HERE

In short, when you buy from 3Chi, you can feel confident that you are buying from a trusted, high quality source and leader within the broader cannabinoid community.



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