How to Self-Care With Delta 8

Delta 8 THC Self Care
  There is a growing movement in the US all about putting a renewed emphasis on self-care. After all, our personal wellbeing should be a top priority in an increasingly tumultuous world. But for many, acts of self-love have been neglected for too long.  This is where delta 8 comes in. This legal hemp-derived cannabinoid is increasingly being used in these self-care circles as a natural way to help maintain a healthy headspace. If you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual, here is why you should consider doing the same:  

What Delta 8 Offers

Delta 8 is a version of THC with a set of effects that are reported to be uplifting but functional. It can offer many of the effects of Marijuana cannabis, namely the relaxing sensations, but in a smoother, lighter, and less disorienting way. This makes it the ideal cannabinoid for helping users slip into the right mindset for whatever the evening calls for. Its effects perfectly complement most self-care rituals, and it can be the final piece that elevates your routine from chill to powerfully cathartic.  With the right strain and product Delta 8 is capable of providing a wide range of sensations. These include:   


Delta 8 is used first and foremost for the calming and peaceful effects it typically generates. These sensations reportedly help ‘chill’ the body, quiet the mind, and offer tranquil feelings for hours on end. Their strength ranges from mellow mental vibes to powerful waves of full-body effects, depending on both the product and dose  


Many Delta 8 options, particularly Sativa-driven blends, are widely used for the boost in mood and energy they are said to offer. The effects can be euphoric, motivating — even blissful. These gentle sensations might be the perfect way to nudge you towards a happier and more effective self-care experience.   


Unlike cannabis, which can be a tad too potent for many situations, the Delta 8 active effects are remarkably functional. Users can focus, socialize, and accomplish tasks without feeling overwhelming or disoriented. Additionally, Delta 8 likely won’t generate worry or paranoid feelings like cannabis has been known to.  


Sleep is vital to a productive, balanced mind, and there is a huge number of users that swear by delta 8 as an effective way to elevate the quality of their sleep. Many delta 8 blends, particularly Indica-dominant options, are exceptional at offering drowsy vibes that can help users slow down and fall asleep fast.   

100 Percent Natural

The best part of Delta 8 is the fact that it is 100 percent natural. It exists in nature inside the flower of hemp and cannabis plants, and interacts with our bodies via a pathway known as the Endocannabinoid System. This system evolved naturally to interact with these helpful compounds, and humans have been benefiting from cannabinoid use for at least 12,000 years.  Knowing this, 3Chi recently began pairing Delta 8 with one or more cannabinoids. This takes advantage of the natural synergy that exists between these compounds. Now known as their “Focused Blend” collection, these extra-potent products often elevate the Delta 8 experience even further with the help of these added cannabinoids. They are just one more option to consider when finding ways Delta 8 can improve your level of self-care.   


Thanks to all of these wonderful qualities, Delta 8 is the perfect addition to any self-care routine. It is more powerful and effective than CBD, but smoother and less disorienting than cannabis.  This balanced profile is what has allowed it to become the fastest-growing cannabinoid product on the market, and it is the reason more people in the self-care communities are falling in love every day.  If you’d like to see if delta 8 fits your needs, click HERE to start shopping. 3Chi is the most popular destination for Delta 8  products in the country. Everything they offer is high quality, potent, and lab-tested.     

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