How to Prevent Delta 8 Distillate Spills

Delta 8 THC Spill Clean Up



Spilling distillate is a truly terrible feeling. Not only does it mean you’ve just lost out on precious delta 8 product, but you now have the added hassle of having to clean up the sticky oil. It is one of the quickest ways to sour an otherwise perfectly pleasant evening. Fortunately, distillate spills are 100 percent preventable. With the right equipment and know-how, you can dramatically lower the risk of accidentally ruining your distillate. Let’s take a look at a few tried-and-true methods:


How Do You Prevent Distillate Spills? 

Most spills occur during the mixing or preparation process while the distillate is hot. As a result, more than half of accidents typically occur for one of two reasons: either the user misjudged the temperature and runniness of the newly-loosened oil, or they failed to use the correct equipment to transfer the delta 8 to its final destination. 

Knowing that, and with a bit of prior preparation, you can comfortably sidestep both of these potential complications. 


Planning for Heat and Viscosity 

When properly heating distillate, the liquid moves from a substance thicker than molasses to a thin, easy-to-work with product that has the approximate consistency of olive oil. This change also happens in a relatively short span. 

That means that you need to plan accordingly as soon as heat is applied. The container you use must be fully heat resistant, and ideally will be large enough to hold the distillate comfortably without the risk of sloshing. 

Additionally, you will need oven mitts, rags, or any other item you might use to handle the hot glass. A broken container as the result of a drop is the absolute worst way to spill distillate. Not only do the glass fragments add to the mess, but they can potentially embed themselves in the oil — rendering the entire product useless. When this happens, you have no choice but to dispose of the entire batch. 


Investing in the Right Equipment 

The other main source of distillate spills revolves around transferring oil between containers. Here, users all too often fail to gather the proper equipment, which in turn leads to drips, overpours, and other costly mistakes. 

Depending on the product you plan to customize, you may need a small funnel or specialized distillate syringe. 

Several users have also reported buying a simple test tube kit online and using the more precise containers to do all of their distillate preparation. If you’re someone who works with the oil on a regular basis, this route is definitely one to consider. 

With test tubes, not only do you have a rack designed to keep the container stable, but you have the added benefit of specialized tongs to quickly and easily move and pour the contents of the tube. You can heat the oil directly and mix blends — all within a single test tube. 

Additionally, when finished mixing, you can put these tubes directly in the dishwasher for an even more painless cleanup. 



The better-prepared you are before the process starts, the more likely you are to prep your distillate without a hitch. If you’re interested in picking up any high quality oil to work with, click HERE to start shopping. 3Chi offers its premium bulk distillate in several convenient sizes, and the oil is proven to be free of any impurities.

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