Tips For Cleaning Up Spilled Delta 8 Distillate

Delta 8 THC How To Clean Up



Unlucky distillate spills occasionally do happen. Whether it was caused by a slip of the hand or broken container, it is important as a delta 8 user to know how to clean up the oil with minimal hassle. After all, spilled distillate is a famously sticky substance, and traditional cleaning methods might not get the job done. 

Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning up any kind of oily mess.


What You’ll Need

In the battle against messy oil, your cleaning efforts will only be as effective as your supplies. The right cleaning components will be the difference between an easy and potentially frustrating attempt, so it is vital that you keep the following on hand:

-Concentrated dish soap

-Isopropyl alcohol 

-Paper towels, rags, or anything else you can use to mop up the mess. 


Prep and Cleaning

Spilling delta 8 distillate is a bit like spilling hot molasses. It is going to be incredibly sticky, and it is going to cling to any surface it touches with aggressive enthusiasm. 

Start with a bucket of hot, soapy water. There should be steam and lots of bubbles. Apply the mixture liberally to the spill zone, using the rag to cover the entire area. Dish soap is designed to help wash away oil and greasy residue, and it is your most effective ally against a distillate spill. 

Everyone knows that oil and water do not mix under normal circumstances. But soap, especially dish soap, is a powerful surfactant. This means it has special molecules that allow the oil to be “grabbed” by the water and washed away. The same chemistry that allows you to successfully de-grease a pan allows you to scrub away stubborn delta 8 distillate. 


Dish Soap vs Alcohol 

If you don’t have soap on-hand, or if you aren’t ready to commit to a full sudsy cleaning, rubbing alcohol is a perfect substitute. Simply pour some alcohol onto the rag and gently wipe the oil away. 

Rubbing alcohol is effective because it is considered a solvent. It chemically liquifies grease and oil by breaking it down into very small particles that can then be more easily cleaned away. 

For particularly sticky situations, combine these two methods into a single super-treatment. Soak the area in rubbing alcohol for several minutes, then scrub with the soap and water as usual. 


What Should You Do With the Distillate? 

If you are determined to save some of the spilled distillate, scoop what you can back into the jar before doing any cleaning. Once you start adding soap or alcohol, the distillate becomes unusable.

Keep in mind however that any residue, dust, or other dirt lingering on the surface might get into your oil and affect the quality and taste. If you spill on carpet — forget it. That oil is gone forever. Only try to save distillate if it spilled on a kitchen counter or any relatively clean area.

Remember, it is always better to simply buy more distillate than to risk consuming contaminated products. In bulk form, delta 8 distillate is affordable and long-lasting. Never try to save any distillate that may have bits of broken glass or any other dangerous small particles. You simply cannot save a broken jar. 



With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to spring into action the next time you or someone you know spills some distillate. If you’d like to pick up some delta 8 oil to replace the product you lost, click HERE to start shopping. 

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