Water-Soluble Delta 8 Opens Up A Whole New World of Edibles

3Chi Water Soluble Delta 8


3Chi recently released an ultra-concentrated, water-soluble delta 8 powder — giving users the opportunity to customize a wider range of edible products than ever before. 

Since delta 8’s release, users have largely made edibles with tinctures or distillates, a pair of oil-based options that each offer their own set of advantages. Distillate is more potent, but tinctures can be added to more food and beverages thanks to the presence of carrier oil. 

Now it is time to make this iconic duo into a trio. Here is why water-soluble delta 8 can offer the best of both worlds, while unlocking entirely new edible options. Let’s jump right in. 


What is Water-Soluble Delta 8? 

3Chi’s water-soluble delta 8 is a high quality powder. The THC has been stripped of all terpenes, fats, and other leftover material from the hemp plant, leaving only the cannabinoid in an extremely pure form. That delta 8 then goes through an additional series of processes to be turned into a safe, rapidly-dissolving water-soluble product. 

This particular powder also happens to be fully water-soluble. That means it will dissolve quickly and smoothly into any water based liquid, providing all of the effects of delta 8 without any noticeable taste or texture. Using the powder, users can customize all kinds of beverages and foods, turning them into powerful delta 8-driven edibles. Think delta 8-infused seltzer, or something equally mouthwatering. 

Water-soluble delta 8 is different from distillate or tinctures. These products are mostly fat-soluble, meaning they instead dissolve into oils and other lipids. It is important to note that tinctures are a kind of hybrid product due to the presence of the carrier oil, which dilutes the distillate and promotes rapid absorption. But in general both are better-suited at dissolving into anything oil-based, and while pure distillate can be added to beverages, it will never fully dissolve in water. 

The body also metabolizes water-soluble delta 8 powder differently than fat-soluble alternatives. The reason for this has to do with how each type of compound makes its way through the body, but all you need to know is that a water-based approach will nearly always lead to a more rapid onset of effects. Faster-acting sensations means less time between use and enjoyment, but it also makes it easier to monitor dosing. A smaller delay means more time to judge how you feel, allowing you to respond accordingly. 


New Edible Options

The ability to infuse any liquid with delta 8 opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to customization. Below are a few community-favorite ideas you could recreate, or that might spark an idea for your own concoction. 


Delta 8 Seltzer

Adding delta 8 to your favorite fizzy drink is a fun and tasty way to include the powder in your daily routine. Add 50-100 mg of water-soluble delta 8 to your glass or bottle and gently stir until dissolved. 


Delta 8 Cereal

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, rolling out of bed and making yourself a big bowl of your favorite tasty cereal. Now, imagine that same scenario with delta 8-infused milk. That morning just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

To make your own, simply add 50-100 mg of powder into the milk and stir for about 30 seconds. You won’t taste anything or notice any difference until the uplifting sensations kick in. 


Delta 8 Lemonade

Nothing beats a tall, ice-cold glass of fresh lemonade. That is, except an icy pitcher of delta 8-infused lemonade. This powerful and refreshing beverage is the perfect drink for cooling you off on a hot day, or enjoying poolside to help you relax. For a 32 oz pitcher, simply add 200-250 mg of powder and stir in along with the other ingredients. 

You can do the same thing with tea, punch, or any flavorful beverage. 



If you’d like to start creating edibles with water-soluble delta 8, click HERE to head to that page. 3Chi is the most popular supplier of all things delta 8 in the country, consistently creating new and exciting ways to experience the many effects this compound offers. 

3Chi is also proud to offer some of the highest quality products found anywhere on the market. To explore the third-party lab testing that goes into every cannabinoid blend they make, click HERE.

Or, click HERE to read more useful info about delta 8 and the world of cannabinoids.


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