Why 3Chi 8Balls Are The Easy Way to Manage Dosing

3chi Delta 8 THC 8 Ball Candy

Finding their own personal perfect dose can be a tricky task for new delta 8 users. The right amount often varies from person to person, and some products can be harder than others to nail down that ideal sweet spot. This is where 3Chi’s 8Balls are particularly useful. These bite-sized, chewy edibles are a great option for anyone hoping to start with a lower dose and work up as needed. Or, if you know your tolerance is low, a single piece might be all you need for a complete delta 8 experience.

Let’s jump into why this product is the perfect choice for managing doses.


About the 8Balls 

8Balls are tasty fruity candies similar in flavor and texture to the rainbow bites you know and love. Each contains 8 mg of delta 8 THC, making them smaller and lower in potency than any other 3Chi edible product. The benefit of this is twofold:

For one, the 8Balls contain less than half the delta 8 as the next closest option, the 25 mg gummies. Most users use and adore the award-winning gummies, but there are some who prefer a more functional experience. Less delta 8 translates to more functional effects, and, for those users, an 8Ball is the perfect size. For these people, 8 mg is more than enough to deliver the full delta 8 feeling — all while remaining far more alert and coherent.

Other users need even less than that. There are numerous online reviewers who report biting an 8Ball in half for a quick and tasty 4 mg dose. For users who prefer tiny doses, but still want the edible-driven effects, 8Balls are the ideal product.

Similarly, many users are quite sensitive to delta 8 and cannabinoids more broadly. Too high a dose can quickly feel overwhelming, and the more tolerable 8Ball is all they want — or need.


Extra Small Means Extra Portable 

The other thing to keep in mind is that 3Chi’s 8Balls aren’t much larger than a pea. This means that if you need to bring a large number of edibles to a party, concert, or any other gathering, it doesn’t get much easier or more discreet than a handful of these in a pocket or bag.

While 25 gummies might fill a small sandwich bag, a pack of 25 of these 8Balls is roughly the size of a pack of gum. Their sugary shell also makes them more resistant than gummies to heat, meaning they are far less likely to melt.


Active Effects 

8Balls are still going to deliver the same powerful uplifting and relaxing sensations you’ve come to expect from 3Chi delta 8 products. The effects are fast-acting and even longer-lasting, designed to fit any time of day. And if you’re with someone who ordinarily takes a full gummy or more, just give them two or three 8balls. They’ll get a chance to mix the flavors while still getting their full desired dose. 8Balls can also be used to get to 32 mg, which is slightly more than a single gummy. They are perfect for these in-between dose sizes.



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