The Simplest Delta 8 Dosing Guide You’ll Read Today

The Simplest 3CHI Delta 8 Dosing Guide


Delta 8 has gotten so popular that finding the right products for your needs is easier and more convenient than it has ever been. But knowing exactly how much to take of each product can still be a mystery for new users. With that in mind, this dosing guide is going to break down exactly how much you should take of any given product.


Delta 8 is Not One Size Fits All

The first thing to keep in mind is that cannabinoids affect each person in a slightly different way. This is the inevitable result of inherent physiological differences in each person and their endocannabinoid system — the neural pathway that interacts with all cannabinoids. That is important to consider before you try a product for the first time.

Regardless, higher doses will nearly always translate to a more potent experience. As a result, it can be deceptively easy for first-time users to accidentally take more than intended and put a damper on what should be an extremely pleasant experience.

This is particularly important in the realm of delta 8, and it is partly why a dosing guide is so important. People hear that delta 8 is a milder form of THC and assume they can dive right in without consequence. That type of thinking can quickly lead to some overwhelming sensations. In the interest of avoiding just that, here is a simple breakdown of each product and the recommended dosage.



Recommended serving —

New users : Half of one gummy, or approximately 12.5mg delta 8 THC. Or, for an intense experience, 1 full gummy.
Experienced users: One or two full gummies, between 25 and 50mg delta 8 THC. 

  • Edibles are the most potent delta 8 product. The effects are the longest-lasting and often the most intense, and for that reason, it is imperative to begin slowly when dealing with these types of product. It is recommended you begin with a small amount and wait up to 90 minutes before increasing dosage.

The most common unpleasant cannabinoid experiences occur when a new user fails to wait long enough for the edible sensations to kick in, and immediately takes more, only to find that they’ve gone way overboard. In fact, this is a running joke in the cannabis community. So, in the interest of avoiding becoming a punchline, start very slow when it comes to edibles of any kind. 

Vape Cartridges

Recommended serving —

New users: One puff of 2-4 seconds. Or, for a more intense experience, three puffs of 2-4 seconds.

Experienced users: As many as needed

  • The effects of carts begin almost immediately, and are therefore much easier to gauge as a new user. The active effects are also more subtle, allowing for a less potent overall experience.
    With that in mind, begin with a single puff. Wait up to twenty minutes and then take another as needed. The key here is to give your body enough time to react to the THC.   


Tinctures (1200mg option)

Recommended serving —

New users: 1-3 drops under the tongue, or about 2-6mg delta 8 THC. Or, for an intense experience, 5-6 drops, or about 10-12mg delta 8 THC.

Experienced users: 5-10 drops, or about 10-20mg delta 8 THC.

  • Tinctures are a nice middle ground between the two previously described products. They are designed to be taken orally, and should be placed under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. The effects will typically kick in around the 30 minute mark, and so you should approach dosing much in the same way as edibles. Be sure to wait a full 40-60 minutes before increasing your dosage. 

Dabbing Sauces

Dabbing sauces are made from an ultra-concentrated delta 8 distillate and designed to be heated via blowtorch for an intense vaping experience. For new users, it is recommended that you begin with pretty much any other product. Not only is dabbing extremely potent, but it is also difficult to moderate your intake. Furthermore, dabbing requires a few specialized pieces of equipment in order to use correctly.

It is an ideal product for veteran users seeking a powerful set of effects, but that is something best explored once you’re familiar with how your body reacts to various cannabinoids.


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