A Simple Guide for Dosing CBD Tincture

CBD tincture Dosing Guide


Before you can begin to enjoy the many wonderful effects of CBD, you must first decide how much of the cannabinoid you should be taking. Your CBD tincture dosing routine will vary depending on a number of factors, including body size and desired level of intensity, and today this post will cover exactly how to calculate this optimal amount. Once you’re able to dial in on the perfect dose, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of the products, while preventing excess use.

Let’s jump right in.


Why People Use Tincture

Tinctures have been steadily growing in popularity among cannabinoid products for two main reasons.

First, they exist as a kind of middleground between edibles and vape cartridges. The tincture oil is absorbed through the soft tissue of the mouth similar to how vapor is absorbed in the lungs, which leads to a faster-acting set of effects. With edibles, the CBD must first travel through the digestive tract, which leads to a much longer onset of sensations.

But unlike carts, tinctures do not require any inhalation, and instead are consumed orally and swallowed, much like a traditional edible product. This means they are an ideal alternative for any users who may be turned off by the idea of vaping cannabinoids. 

The other main reason involves their potency. Tinctures pack quite a punch despite their small size, and even a few drops can be powerfully effective. That is because most tinctures are created using high quality distillate that is then mixed with a carrier oil for flavor and rapid absorption. 


How Much to Use

Now for dosing CBD tincture. It is important to keep in mind that CBD and the cannabinoid family often affect each user in a slightly different way, based on a huge number of genetic factors. The ideal dose can also vary depending on the compound in question. For example, delta 8 and CBD are going to require vastly different dosing guides. In the case of CBD, the most reliable tincture dosing charts work off of weight, as size is going to provide the most accurate measurement. Use these figures as a starting point, and adjust as needed. While this conversion can work for most minor cannabinoids, you should use caution when using any compound for the first time.

To start, multiply 0.25 mg by your weight in pounds and divide that total by two. That number is your starting point. I.E., if you weigh 120 pounds, you should take 15 mg (0.25 x 120 / 2 = 15) of CBD. If you weigh 200 pounds, you should take 25 mg (0.25 x 200 / 2 = 25) of CBD.

Now, these figures can get tricky when tinctures are introduced. So let’s break it down further, keeping in mind the concentration of your tincture product. 3Chi’s CBD tincture blends are available in five different levels of ounces per milligram, and those numbers are going to drastically influence the number of drops consumed.

Each 1 ounce bottle contains roughly 600 drops of tincture. This means that if you choose the baseline 500mg option, each drop is going to hold approximately 0.8mg of CBD.



From there you can take the original formula and convert the necessary milligrams into drops. If you weigh 120 pounds and need 15mg of tincture, then, at 0.8mg per drop, you’re going to need roughly 16-18 drops from the bottle.

If instead the tincture concentration is 1000mg, each drop is going to be twice as potent — containing 1.6mg of CBD per drop. At 120 pounds and 15mg, you’re going to need 7-9 drops.

Now, if you’re familiar with delta 8 and other cannabinoids, these may sound like high doses. But it is important to keep in mind that CBD is relatively mild, and higher doses are the best way to feel the entirety of the intended effects. You can always take your dose in two or more parts over the course of an hour to allow room for flexibility and adjustments.

As for when to take these tinctures, the answer is entirely up to you. Most users take doses before bed or in the mornings, but do whatever you feel is going to lead to the greatest benefit. Remember, if you’re unsure, always start small. It is better to slowly ramp up than it is to start too strong. This is particularly important if you are new to using CBD blends.



With these handy conversions in mind, you should be ready to begin using and enjoying the many CBD blends available on the 3Chi site. Choose from a number of pure CBD options, or bring other cannabinoids into the mix with the focused blend collection. There the effects of CBN, delta 8, and other compounds will help powerfully enhance the overall experience.

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