Are Terpenes Necessary For Making Delta 8 Blends?

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As the popularity of delta 8 grows, more users are learning how to create their own custom products — ranging from simple baked edibles to carefully blended vape oil and dabbing sauces. But a common point of confusion involves the need for terpenes, and whether these natural flavorings are essential to the mixing process. Why do terpenes exist in cartridges and dabbing sauces? Why might it be a good idea to include them in any products you plan to make?


Are Terpenes Essential?

Terpenes are technically not a mandatory ingredient in vapes and dabbing sauces. The delta 8 distillate oil drives the entirety of the active effects, and it is the only truly irreplaceable part of the mixture. Without the distillate, there is no delta 8 product. 

However, terpenes are still quite valuable. You can think of them as the salt and spices of the recipe. They provide the taste, aroma, and mouth feel that characterize the blend or dish.

Without terpenes, the distillate oil is largely flavorless and odorless. It is a dish with no salt or spice. It will still provide all the uplifting and relaxing sensations of the delta 8. But it will be without the delicious flavors that helps make these products so enjoyable in the first place. 

Additionally, companies like 3Chi use special cannabis-derived terpenes in order to help the blend more closely mimic the profile of the original cannabis strain. For example, terpenes extracted from the Cali-O cannabis strain and added to a delta 8 vape cart are thought to help the THC more authentically resemble the effects of Cali-O. In that sense, these flavorings also subtly alter the overall delta 8 experience. 


Adding to Distillate 

Pairing distillate oil with the right concentration of terpenes is what leads to the tastiest and most effective overall blends. Typically the oil is heated, and small concentrations of terpenes are blended in. These homemade blends can be adjusted to your individual needs, ensuring you have the perfect combination of flavor and effects.  

In the meantime, if you’re interested in making your own products, 3Chi offers both terpenes and distillate products that make it convenient and affordable to get started. Choose from a wide selection of cannabis-derived terpenes, alongside a healthy supply of premium distillate oil.

3Chi formulates some of the highest quality delta 8 oil on the market. Its batches consistently test at 97 percent or higher cannabinoid concentration at third-party laboratories. 

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