What You Need To Know About 3Chi’s New Terpenes

3Chi Terpenes
  3Chi works hard to continually expand its premium collection, offering users ever-new ways to enjoy their favorite cannabinoid blends. Most recently the industry giant announced a line of eight types of flavor-filled terpenes This new option gives you the power to customize products like never before, ensuring anyone can create homemade products using only the highest quality ingredients.  Here is what you need to know about 3Chi’s terpenes:  

Terpenes Were a Much-Anticipated Arrival

Fans have been requesting a line of 3Chi terpenes for years. These versatile natural flavorings can be used to enhance existing products, or create entirely new, personalized blends with the perfect combination of flavors. They are an important ingredient for all DIY users. 3Chi is already the most popular destination for delta 8 in the country, and offers products intended for customization, such as distillate syringes and bulk oil. A line of premium terpenes to complement these options was the natural next step.  It took some time for 3Chi’s team of chemists to find and approve of eight individual terpene blends that stood up to the brand’s industry-leading standards. But at long last, the first generation has arrived. Users can now choose from: 
  • Tropical Storm
  • Champagne Kush
  • Layer Cake
  • Banana Sherbert
  • Kimbo Kush
  • Alien OG
  • Apple Fritter
  • Strawberry Napalm
  Every single one of these is potent and distinct — brimming with enough aroma and taste to enhance any product you choose with just a few drops.  The flavors range widely, from light notes of fruit and citrus, to more traditional cannabis profiles, including earthy, diesel, and skunk. If you’re someone who already enjoys 3Chi’s delta 8 and other cannabinoid blends, you’ll have no trouble finding a familiar set of flavors.  But once you have them, what do users do with terpenes, specifically?  

The Most Common Ways to Use Terpenes 

A huge number of users within the community use terpenes to create homemade delta 8 vape blends or dabbing sauces.  Both of these options involve carefully adding select ratios of terpenes to a delta 8 distillate oil. Not only do the terpenes provide the rich set of tastes and smells that help make the experience so enjoyable, but they are thought to actually alter the profile of the THC itself. Terpenes reportedly work alongside cannabinoids to subtly affect the sensations you feel. This is because terpenes, like cannabinoids, are naturally-occurring. Many of the most popular terpenes are in fact derived from the cannabis plant directly.  In the case of cartridges, the terpenes also help thin the oil enough for mixture to flow into the chamber. Without them, the distillate is simply too thick to properly move through the vape.  The benefit of mixing these blends at home is the added level of customizability. You can combine two or more terpenes to find your ideal combination of flavors, or increase the ratio and let your favorite option shine. However you prefer to vape or dab, the terpenes make it possible.  Users also add terpenes to other types of delta 8 products, including tinctures and, in some cases, edibles. But these two are overwhelmingly the most popular ways to wield these tiny, powerful drops.   


If you’re interested in exploring any of the eight options, you can follow this link to go to 3Chi’s full terpene selection . 3Chi continues to set the standard when it comes to quality and reliability. Everything you see underwent lab-testing, and 3Chi formulated them using the best-possible techniques.  There is a reason 3Chi continues to be the most popular delta 8 site in the country for a third straight year. 

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