Does Delta 8 Smell Like Weed?

Delta 8 Weed Smell


Delta 8 is a federally legal and more functional alternative to cannabis or weed. When comparing what each brings to the table, the two are actually very different — and are used in very different contexts. But when it comes to aroma, there is an awful lot of overlap. 

To help you better avoid any potentially-smelly situations, let’s break down which delta 8 products do create a scent, and, more importantly, highlight which of those scents might be mistaken for weed. 


Does Delta 8 Smell Like Weed?

Several delta 8 products do smell like weed, but not all. These include many vape cartridges, and pretty much every dabbing sauce blend. However, there are a few qualifiers for both: 

Vape carts have the major advantage of dissipating quickly. The vapor is a lot less thick than something like cannabis flower smoke, and it hardly ever lingers — even in enclosed spaces. 

If you want something discrete, avoid any blends containing cannabis-derived terpenes, particularly anything skunky or earthy. These blends use flavorings extracted directly from cannabis itself, and they capture far more of that aroma profile. 

Ideally, stick to fruity and sweet options that use terpenes known as botanical terpenes. Something like Caribbean Dream from 3Chi works perfectly. This blend is extremely light on aroma, and smells more like a candle or air freshener than it does cannabis. 

Dabbing sauces generate much larger clouds of vapor, and will typically create the longest-lasting aroma of any of the delta 8 products. Similarly, they require a few pieces of equipment that are slightly conspicuous. If smell concerns you, or the idea of drawing attention, skip this option altogether. 


Product That Don’t Smell

The good news is that many delta 8 products are completely odorless. In fact, some of the most popular picks fall into this category. 

Delta 8 gummies, baked treats, and tinctures are all easy to use. They’re also entirely free of any hint of cannabis in the taste or smell. This is because these products are made with delta 8 distillate — a highly concentrated oil that has been stripped of anything that contributes to smell. They also don’t contain terpenes. 

You can use edibles or tinctures and store them for long periods of time without the slightest hint of aroma. 

In most cases you can even lift these products right up to your nose and inhale without getting a hint of cannabis flavor. As an added bonus, the baked treats and gummies also look exactly like regular food products. Unless someone physically took a bite of your edible and waited a half hour, it would be nearly impossible to tell it was filled with delta 8. 

So, when working with any of these three options, you don’t need to worry about a thing. 



If you’d like to pick up any of the odorless products mentioned above, or try your hand with the fruitier vape cartridges, head over to the delta 8 section at 3Chi. There you’ll find a huge selection of high quality options from the most popular delta 8 brand in the country. 

All 3Chi products undergo lab-testing, and are certified to be free of any kind of unwanted chemicals or cutting agents. You can read the results of those tests on their testing page

And as always, be sure to check back soon for more delta 8 info, guides, and reviews


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