Should You Be Vacuum Sealing Your Delta 8 Products?

Delta 8 Vacuum Storage


Working to preserve cannabinoid products is a struggle as old as time. Every user who has spent any amount of time in the community can almost certainly recall an occasion in which they lost products after failing to store them properly. Jars and plastic bags are a common, if slightly ineffective solution. What about vacuum seals? Can removing the air truly preserve the quality of your delta 8 products?


When is Vacuum Sealing Necessary

If your delta 8 stash is small and regularly replenished, there is likely no need to buy a full vacuum sealing kit. Sitting for short periods of time will not result in any measurable reduction in quality, and you will almost certainly use all of the product before the air exposure ever becomes a factor.

Where you need to worry is anytime you’re trying to store large quantities of product for long durations. If you’re someone who likes to stock up on supplies, or if you’ve simply found yourself with more delta 8 than you know what to do with, the question of storage becomes far more important. 

You can find affordable vacuum sealers online for as little as $30. While this presents a bit of an upfront cost, you will be thankful when your supply remains fresh for months on end. Furthermore, once you buy the vacuum sealing kit, you’ll have it forever. Then you’ll never need to worry about losing a product again. 


What Causes Products to Lose Effectiveness? 

Most products degrade for one of two reasons.

1) They are exposed to air and begin slowly oxidizing and drying out, reducing the potency of the cannabinoids over time. 

2) The presence of heat and light damages the cannabinoids, causing them to degrade and likewise lose their potency. 

Both of these can be addressed by vacuum sealing the products and storing them in a cool, dark environment. Putting your product in a jar or airtight container simply isn’t enough to ensure there is no drop in quality over a long period of time. While these methods might delay the inevitable, the air trapped inside the container will continue to do damage, regardless of how tight the lid. Additionally, any exposure to light will hasten the degradation process. The only way to truly bring the decay to an effective halt is with the use of a vacuum sealer and proper storage space. 

Any products that degrade when exposed to air should be sealed in this way, and this applies broadly to every type of product. Vapes, dabbing sauces, and even tinctures will all slowly degrade when left out. 


Finding Products to Store 

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