How Do You Know When Your Cartridge is Finished?

Delta 8 Cart Finished
  The end of a vape cart is a bit like the end of a bottle of ketchup. You can clearly see some residual liquid, and the inside never fully empties. Instead, the product slowly gets more and more difficult to use — until finally nothing comes out. But what marks the end? When do you know to throw the finished cartridge away? The answer, it turns out, depends on you:   

How Do You Know When Your Cart is Finished? 

You know when your cart is finished when there is five percent oil or less left in the chamber. This typically looks like a small ring of clear liquid that sits against the glass at the bottom of the chamber.  But that final puff is ultimately up to you, and there isn’t a definitive end to the lifespan of the cartridge. You can think of it as an end-of-life spectrum. Some users within the community stop as soon as any of the warning signs we’ll cover below set in. Others sit and hit the same cart as far down as it will let them, determined to capture every last drop of distillate. You will probably fall somewhere in the middle.  There are two factors that reliably herald the end of the cartridge — the infamous metallic taste, and the size of the puffs of vapor. How long you’re willing to tolerate one of both of these factors will determine how much longer your cartridge lasts.   

Metallic or Burnt Taste

Your vape functions by gently heating the distillate oil via a small coil located directly below the main oil chamber. When the cartridge is nearly empty, this coil doesn’t have enough delta 8 to capture the heat it puts out.  The burnt taste associated with the end of a cartridge is the wick of that coil burning. When this happens, it either means you have a clog that is preventing the oil from flowing as intended, or your cart is nearly finished. Some users don’t particularly mind this burnt-metal taste. If you’re one of them, you can likely continue to take small puffs of the cartridge as long as some oil is being vaporized. Keep in mind, however, that your coil doesn’t like burning without distillate oil, so use sparingly.  Also, given the affordability of delta 8 blends, why stay married to a dying cart? Pick up a new option and try a new set of flavors and effects for a very affordable price.   

Tiny Wisps of Vapor

The other clear indicator that your cartridge might be ready to retire is the amount of vapor generated. Smaller-sized clouds similarly point to the fact that your coil doesn’t have enough distillate to generate the correct amount of vapor.  When longer puffs — even 2-3 seconds — aren’t yielding more than a few wisps, it may be time to move on.  Again, exactly how small is too small is dependent on the user. Many people don’t mind tolerating tiny clouds if it means maximizing their supply. But to others, these weaker doses feel like a waste of time. It really is up to you.   

When in Doubt, Count the Puffs 

If you’re worried about accidentally throwing away your cart before it is truly empty, consider keeping track of your puffs. Simply make a note in your phone and mark every time you use the cartridge.  As a general rule of thumb, 0.5 ml cartridges provide between 80 and 160 puffs, while 1 ml cartridges offer 160 to 320. The high end of those figures is for users who keep their puffs to one second or less. The lower end is users who take hits three seconds or longer. But of course your exact figure will vary depending on your dosing. Experiment with a few carts and try to establish a baseline.  With this method, you can feel more confident disposing of your finished cartridge once you’ve reached whatever average you’ve set for yourself.    


With these tips in mind, you should be able to better-assess the final days of your finished cartridge. Keep in mind that many users own a single refillable cartridge that is replenished regularly. For them, the last dregs of oil are simply combined with a fresh batch. That is always an option.  Otherwise you can always pick up another delta 8 vape. 3Chi offers a huge selection of more than 50 premium options, each packed with a unique set of flavors and effects.  3Chi is also the most popular supplier of delta 8 in the country. When you shop with them, you are buying from the best.   

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