Does Delta 8 Get You High?


Delta 8 does in fact get you high. It is known as a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties. You may be familiar with the another cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties — Delta 9. That is the far more popular version of THC, and the compound responsible for the “high” sensations of cannabis. 

Delta 8 operates in mostly the same way. The effects often feel similar, and there is still that unmistakable THC euphoria. Where it really separates itself from delta 9 is its legal status and absence of overwhelming side effects reported by consumers. Let’s dig into what these factors mean for the user. 


Effects Compared to Marijuana

Let’s start with the most important factor: the high. It is typically a powerfully uplifting and euphoric set of effects, and can lean toward relaxing or energizing, depending on the strain. Like cannabis, Δ8 blends are defined by Sativa and Indica classifications. 

But where marijuana can be overwhelming and disorienting, Δ8 is neither. The lowered potency and unique binding mechanisms allow this legal version of THC to completely sidestep the parts of cannabis that make it less appealing. Users trying Δ8 for the first time will immediately notice a difference in functionality and energy. It is possible to focus and interact and socialize on delta 8 in a way that is much harder to achieve with cannabis. This difference is perhaps the single-greatest advantage delta 8 holds.

And speaking of advantage, delta 8 has the second enormous advantage of being federally legal. Marijuana is a controlled substance under federal law, making it impossible to purchase legally outside a small number of states or without a medical “green” card.

Delta 8, by contrast, is legal in nearly 40 of the 50 states. Thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, delta 8 is classified as a derivation of hemp, meaning it is perfectly usable in the overwhelming majority of the United States.

For customers who live in cannabis-free states, this offers an extremely appealing alternative. It also grants THC access to millions of people who otherwise would have no way of finding the kind of natural and deep relief only THC cannabinoids can provide. 


The Science of Psychoactivity 

Psychoactives are classified as any compound with mind-altering effects. That definition is broad enough to include everyday products like coffee or alcohol, which have wildly varied degrees of potency. 

Delta 8 and delta 9 generate their effects like all cannabinoids do, through interaction with the bodies’ endocannabinoid system. This natural system helps humans and many animals regulate everything from mood to Increased desire for food, and is vital to maintaining homeostasis. 

Cannabinoids form bonds with receptors located all over this system. However, not all bonds create strong psychoactive effects. CBD is an example of a widely-used cannabinoid that influences the endocannabinoid system in extremely subtle ways. Some users won’t even notice the onset of the effects, even if their body is benefitting from the experience. 

The reason for this has to do with the type of bond formed, and, more importantly, which set of receptors the particular cannabinoid binds with. 


Three Unique Connections, Three Unique Effects 

Delta 9 forms bonds with what are known as the CB1 receptors. This set of receptors is responsible for the psychoactive effects. 

CBD, by contrast, forms bonds with a different set, the CB2 receptors. This set of receptors sits mostly around the organs and deep muscle tissue, and is responsible for a number of other helpful effects. 

Here is where delta 8 shines. This compound forms bonds along both sets of the receptors, the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This allows delta 8 to provide many of the effects of both Δ9 and CBD, but in a uniquely balanced way. 

This is also why Δ8 creates a milder and more functional active experience. It all comes back to this dual-receptor binding mechanism. It provides the deep, full-body sensations of CBD, while giving a bit of the uplifting euphoria of THC. This profile is extremely appealing to users who want the powerful effects of THC without the potent side effects. 

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