Celebrate 420 with Delta 8

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April 20th is here, and the community is once again preparing for the annual celebration of all things cannabis and hemp. This year, a growing number of users are turning to delta 8 to maximize their holiday experience — joining the nationwide craze surrounding this federally legal THC. Here is why you should celebrate 420 with delta 8. 


Celebrate 420 with Delta 8

420 is typically an all-day social celebration. When interacting with friends and fellow cannabinoid enthusiasts, you want to make sure you’re staying engaged and energized throughout the experience. Nothing is worse than an early exit, and Delta 8 offers a more functional set of effects that have been widely reported to allow users to enjoy the full euphoric sensations of THC — all while remaining alert and comfortable.

In this sense, delta 8 is the ideal way to enjoy 420. Delta 8 gives all of the THC feelings you love in an approachable, easy-to-use package. Hundreds of user reviews report that delta 8 does not make them anxious or paranoid, even at higher doses. For newer users in particular, who may not be as familiar with cannabinoids, delta 8 presents an appealing alternative.

If your goal this 420 is a long-lasting, unbeatable THC experience, delta 8 is the product for you. No matter the delta 8 product, 3Chi offers an easy way to stock up on all your favorite options.


More Ways to Enjoy

With a huge selection of premium delta 8 blends, 3Chi has every type of product for every type of user. Fans of edibles can choose between two unbeatable gummy flavors, or dive right into the rich and mouthwatering baked goods. Between cookies, brownies, and cereal treats, getting your delta 8 fix has never been easier — or tastier. You can buy 3Chi’s most popular edibles HERE.

If smooth puffs of vapor are more your speed, 3Chi is proud to offer one of the largest selection of vape carts on the market. Choose from more than thirty unique blends, each with a different set of sensations and effects, and let the delta 8 vibes sweep you away. 

Vape cartridges come in botanical and cannabis-derived terpene blends, which are unique natural flavorings that provide a strong cannabis taste. Additionally, these cannabis-derived terpenes are thought to shape the profile of the THC’s effects, resulting in a more robust vaping experience.

You can shop 3Chi’s most popular carts HERE and celebrate 420 with delta 8!


Whether you need delta 8 vapes, edibles, or an assortment of both, 3Chi has the best products on the market.


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