How Many Puffs Will You Get From a Delta 8 Cartridge?

How many puffs in a delta 8 THC cart?
  When buying a delta 8 cartridge for the first time, you may be wondering just how long this little oil-filled ceramic is going to last you. There doesn’t seem to be any visual change when taking a puff, making it difficult to gauge how much you’ve used — and how much is left. Here is what to expect from the lifetime of an average cart.  

Extending or Shortening the Lifespan

There are several factors that determine a cart’s longevity. These include: 
  1. The size of the cartridge 
  2. How often you use it
  3. The level of care you give 
  3Chi cartridges come in two sizes, 1ml and 0.5ml. Those numbers indicate how much oil is contained within the chamber, and have largely become the industry standard when it comes to cannabinoid carts. The number of puffs in each cart is dependent on the size of each puff. Larger hits will pull more vapor from the chamber and thus shorten the lifespan at a faster rate. For best results, 3Chi recommends shorter puffs of 1-3 seconds, which will typically draw anywhere from 3-5mg of oil out of the chamber. At that rate, a 0.5ml cartridge will provide between 80 and 160 puffs, with the larger size offering 160 to 320. From there it is easy to crunch the numbers to get a rough idea of your cart’s lifespan, based on frequency of use. If you take one small puff every single day, a 1ml cart will last almost an entire year. If you are a heavier user who takes 10-15 larger puffs daily, that cart may only last two weeks or so. These bigger puffs are also typically less efficient, meaning some vapor is wasted in the process. In the case of vape carts, smaller doses are often better.  

Caring for Your Cart

Like any product, proper upkeep is vital to longevity. Essentially, the more love you give your cart, the longer it will last. Here, storage becomes key. Not only where the cart is kept, but how you keep it there. Heat and light — Keep your cart away from these two at all costs. A hot car or direct sunlight will begin to degrade the oil within the chamber, reducing potency and effectiveness. Nothing is more frustrating than a spoiled cartridge. Cool, dark environments are ideal places to keep any carts that aren’t being actively used. For best results, store in a box or case to block all possible light sources. From there, try to keep your cart upright and separate from the battery whenever possible. Carts lying on their side for extended periods of time run the risk of leaking oil, which makes the product difficult to use and sticky. Also, less oil in the chamber means fewer puffs on the other end.  

Enjoy Every Puff

With these tips in mind, your 3Chi cart should be long-lasting and easy to use. Or, you can follow this link HERE to shop 3Chi’s full selection of vape cartridges for yourself. The most popular delta 8 store in the country offers over thirty unique premium blends, each with a slightly different flavor and feel.    

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