Does 3Chi Ship Outside of the United States?

shipping delta 8 THC internationally


The 3Chi community continues to grow rapidly, and the circle of members is beginning to expand beyond the borders of the US. Delta 8 users in other parts of the world have heard about or tried 3Chi products and are hoping to buy from the best in the business — but are wondering if shipments will be sent internationally. Does 3Chi ship products outside of the United States? And is it possible to place orders on the website when out of the country? 


Does 3Chi Ship Outside of the US?

At the moment 3Chi does not ship to anywhere outside of the US. The laws surrounding transporting any cannabis or cannabinoid products between borders are extremely convoluted, and can make even CBD shipments a logistical nightmare. 

Delta 8 and the other cannabinoids 3Chi offers are available nationwide because of their federally legal status. But these laws only apply within the country, and other countries operate by a different set of regulations. 

As much as 3Chi would love to be able to ship to all parts of the globe, it simply isn’t presently feasible to move products internationally. The overwhelming majority of businesses within the hemp industry are similarly limited. 

With that in mind, users living outside of the country are unable to place orders on the 3Chi site. Ineligible addresses will automatically prevent the sale from going through for any orders coming from outside of the country. 


In-Country Status

These legal limitations are also not exclusive to international borders. Although delta 8 is fully federally legal, there are a small handful of states that have passed laws banning it. In those areas, users may not buy or use delta 8 products. 

To check the availability of delta 8 in your state, click HERE to go to 3Chi’s official state-by-state status tracker. 3Chi regularly updates the tracker to provide a reliable and accurate ranking of all 50 states. At the moment, more than half of all states are eligible for 3Chi delta 8 shipments. 

If you live in a legal state, indicated on the state status tracker by the green color, you are able to freely order any 3Chi products.

Keep in mind that even if delta 8 is illegal in your area, CBD and other cannabinoids are still options. You can still enjoy the wonderful effects of a huge range of premium products without ever running into legal complications. Try to add any delta 8 products however, and you’ll likely find yourself unable to checkout. 


Hemp Perfected

If you do live in an eligible region of the US and are interested in buying any delta 8 or CBD products, click HERE to start shopping. 3Chi is the most popular supplier of delta 8 in the country. They offer a huge selection of gummies, baked treats, vape carts, tinctures, and more. 

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