What Equipment Do You Need to Use Delta 8 Products?

delta 8 THC Vape batteries


There are few emotional rollercoasters more severe than receiving a delta 8 product in the mail, only to realize you are missing a key piece of equipment. While not all products require specialized tools, many are intended to be paired with a compatible piece of equipment, and may not work as intended without one.

With that in mind, here is a breakdown of every product and its necessary equipment. 


Edibles and Tinctures

Edibles and tinctures are the most straightforward delta 8 products, as they require no equipment whatsoever. All you need is the product itself, and an understanding of dosing and how it might affect you. From there it comes down to taking the appropriate amount for your needs.

This makes edibles and tinctures affordable and convenient options for anyone who might be just getting into the world of cannabinoids. As soon as the product arrives, you are ready to go.


Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges are every bit as portable and discreet as edibles, but they require a separate battery attachment. All 3Chi carts are designed to work with a 510-threaded battery, which screws into the bottom of the cart and vaporizes the oil.

Batteries are typically quite inexpensive, and will last for years without incident. They are simply a necessary one-time purchase.

Many users prefer vape carts over edibles due to the rapid onset of effects. Whereas edibles can take up to an hour for the effects to kick in, vape cartridges will offer sensations much quicker. 

3Chi also offers disposable vape cartridges which come with a battery already attached, so no additional equipment is needed.


Dabbing Sauce 

Dabbing sauces are among the most powerful types of delta 8 products. They also require the most specialized equipment.

For correct use, you will likely need several individual pieces. These include:

Dab rig — A unique attachment designed to fit onto any compatible water pipe. Users place the dabbing oil directly onto the heated rig.

Dab tool — A thin rod that is used to transfer the oil onto the rig with minimal mess. 

Blowtorch — A super-hot tool used to rapidly heat the oil into vapor for inhalation 

While this may sound like quite the investment, similar to the vape battery, each piece is a one-time purchase. As soon as you have all the correct equipment, you will be able to enjoy dabbing oil time and time again.

Dabbing is particularly appealing for users who are familiar with cannabis and are hoping to find a similar experience in delta 8, as its intensity and taste are more similar than any other product type.


Shopping For Product

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