How to Get That Last Bit of Delta 8 From the Bottom of the Jar

Getting all of the Delta 8 wax out


When you get to the end of a delta 8 distillate jar, those final dregs can be pretty difficult to access. It feels like trying to scrape out the last bits of peanut butter, except the oil is even thicker, stickier, and more valuable. 

In the interest of maximizing your money’s worth on every distillate-related purchase, it is important to know how to best extract these final valuable nuggets of oil. 


Getting to Your Distillate

There are two main methods to reliably obtain the hard-to-access oil. The first leans hard into old-fashioned scraping, and the other involves the application of measured heat. Let’s break down both. 


Scrape It Out with a Tool

When you get to the bottom of the jar, sometimes all you need is a dedicated scraping session. You’d be surprised how effective some precise, determined scratching can truly be when it comes to stubborn oil. 

If you already use the distillate oil for dabbing, you likely have a dabbing tool. These long and thin bits of metal are the perfect way to carefully pry the oil out of tight places.

For best results, start on the edges and slowly dig the oil out and into the middle of the jar. At room temperature it will behave almost like a solid, making it easier to form into a kind of rough pile. Use the flat edge of the dabbing tool to make an even connection with the surface of the glass. This will help maximize the oil collection process. 

Don’t have a dabbing tool? Not to worry! There are a number of household items that can be effective replacements. These include: 

-Small Spoon or Butter Knife

-Flathead Screwdriver 


-Lego Shovel 

Be sure to clean whatever tool you end up using beforehand with alcohol. No need to dirty your valuable distillate. 

This process can be immensely satisfying when executed correctly. And once scrapped, it is easy to collect the oil and transfer it out of the jar using the same tool. 

However, this process is also fairly labor-intensive. Users have reported spending 45 minutes or more carefully scraping the inside of the jar. It takes time, and without the patience to fully commit, the results can be lackluster. Keep this in mind before diving in. 


Heat the Whole Thing

If scraping isn’t an option, try heating the distillate beforehand. This will move the oil back into a liquid state and allow you to pour it directly from the jar.

Here, seal the open container in a ziplock bag and place the bag into a bath of hot water. The temperature should be no less than 130 degrees. Wait several minutes for the heat to permeate through the bag and jar, watching for signs of loosening distillate. When you feel it has become thin enough to handle, carefully remove the jar from the bag and pour the contents wherever needed. If the oil is still rather thick, use a silicone spatula or other scraper to gently scoop it out. 

Remember, the distillate will begin to cool as soon as you remove it from the water bath. You must work quickly in order to effectively collect the final bits of oil. 



With these two solid options, you should have no problem getting to your delta 8 distillate for the rest of your end-of-jar situations. 

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