What Are Delta 8 Focused Blends?

Delta 8 THC Focused Blends


3Chi recently unveiled a new line of delta 8 focused blends – available in premium vape cartridges, sauces and more. These new products feature carefully selected ratios of various powerful cannabinoids. Each of the four exciting options has a carefully-selected blend of cannabinoids, making these products unique among 3Chi’s many available custom products.


What Are Delta 8 Focused Blends?

Focused Blends are a special concoction of multiple cannabinoids. 3Chi makes most of its vapes out of a dual combination of delta 8 and terpenes, or CBD and terpenes. They generally contain one or more specific cannabinoid compounds, alongside this small ratio of natural flavorings which help shape the taste and aroma of the oil. 

In the case of the Delta 8 Focused Blend collection, 3Chi wanted to offer a deeper, more layered experience. Instead of relying on a single cannabinoid to drive the bulk of the sensations, the team mixed together a number of compounds into four seamless blends — each designed to provide a targeted set of sensations. The effects are still driven above all else by the powerful profile of delta 8 THC, but 3Chi included other useful cannabinoids at higher rates in order to focus and magnify certain aspects of the experience. Here is a brief breakdown of each product: 



3Chi designed the Calm blend with ultimate relaxation in mind. A full 70 percent of the oil is delta 8, while another 25 percent features equal amounts of CBT, CBC, CBN, and CBD. Here, the calming sensations of CBN and CDT in particular drive the bulk of the active profile.



The Focus blend reportedly helps energize and revitalize. For this blend, 3Chi added small amounts of THCv, delta 9 THCv, CBG, and CBD, alongside the same 70 percent ratio of delta 8. This blend takes full advantage of the typically light and energizing profile of THCv to deliver a clean, focused experience.



As the name suggests, 3Chi designed the Happy blend to elevate mood. The 25 percent of added cannabinoids includes CBC, CBT, CBG, and CBD. It is the mixture of CBD and CBC, alongside the powerful delta 8, that leads to this boost in feeling. 



Finally there is the Soothe blend, a comforting option that features CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, CBT, and CBDv. In addition to the relaxing effects of the CBN, the added CBT and CBG in particular help elevate this blend to a new level of powerfully soothing sensations. 


Why Extra Cannabinoids Matter 

Each cannabinoid reportedly offers a slightly different set of effects, depending on how much is added, and which other cannabinoids are present.

See, these natural compounds all exist in hemp and cannabis plants together. When in the presence of one another, their profiles are said to subtly change, often magnifying in strength and duration. This phenomenon is known as the Entourage Effect. It is the main reason 3Chi continues to combine one or more cannabinoids within a product. It is almost as if they help each other, but in reality they physically change binding mechanism in the body. 

Once they better understood how these changes might feel, 3Chi was able to customize four new blends to take full advantage of the natural synergy. The result is a line of vapes that are as powerful as any product 3Chi offers. 


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If you’re interested in shopping any of the four delta 8 focused blend covered today, click HERE to head right to that page. 3Chi also offers a huge selection of premium hemp-derived products, including vapes, edibles, gummies, tinctures, and more. Choose from a number of cannabinoid product options, and find the perfect combination for your needs. 

3Chi continues to stand alone as the most popular delta 8 supplier in the country. 


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