3Chi’s New Disposable Vapes

Delta 8 THC Disposable Vapes 3Chi


3Chi has made vaping delta 8 easier than ever with the introduction of a brand new collection of premium disposable vapes. These lightweight and portable products remove the last remaining barrier to entry — the need for a separate battery attachment — and instead offer all your favorite blends and effects in an accessible package that is ready-to-use the moment it leaves the box. 

Here is why you should consider giving these new vapes a try. 


Why Disposable Vapes are Different 

You may be thinking to yourself right about now, “Aren’t all vapes disposable? I always throw away my cartridge when it runs out of oil.” While that may be true, the difference here is that these new vapes go a step further, combining the cartridge and the battery, and both are meant to be discarded after use. 

3Chi has simply taken its widely popular vape — a product that ordinarily requires an external battery to operate — and added the power source directly. The advantages of this are twofold. 

For one, if you don’t already own a battery attachment, there is no need to buy one. These new CCell disposable vapes have you covered with a powerful, button-free battery that delivers the perfect voltage every time. That means every hit is even and tasty. It also saves you the additional step of needing to buy a battery online or at your local smoke shop. 

Additionally, the combined technology means that when your vape arrives, you can start enjoying the powerful delta 8 effects immediately. No charging required — just put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale. CCell built the powerful 350mah battery to last the lifetime of the cart without ever running out of juice. 

The vape and battery are encased in a slim black case that fits easily into any pocket or purse. It is designed to be portable, discreet, and, like most 3Chi vapes, won’t create an overwhelming smell during use. 


New Vape, Same Amazing Blends 

Although the design may be new, and the product more convenient than ever, each vape is still packed full of the same potent and delicious delta 8 blends you’ve come to expect from the most popular delta 8 brand in the country. 

3Chi currently offers more than 10 blends to choose from, and the team adds more every month. This includes powerful Sativa blends such as Pineapple Express and Snowman, soothing Indicas like Granddaddy Pluto or Ice Cream Cake, and longtime fan favorites such as Cali-O. No matter your preferences, you can be sure there is a disposable option to match. 



If you’d like to start shopping for this incredible new product, click HERE to head right to that page. You can also click HERE to explore 3Chi’s other vape cartridge options, or click HERE to check out the full lineup of delta 8 products.

3Chi is proud to partner with third-party laboratories that conduct thorough testing on all cannabinoid blends. These tests certify that all products are high quality and free of residual chemicals or any unwanted impurities. When you shop with 3Chi, you are buying from the very best in the business. 


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