What are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?



Longtime vaping fans may have noticed a recent increase in the number of delta 8 cartridges and dabbing sauces that have been infused with “Cannabis-Derived Terpenes.” While regular terpenes have long been a staple in most cannabinoid vape products, the question is: Why the emphasis on terpenes specifically derived from cannabis? 


Terpenes vs Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Terpenes themselves are natural flavoring compounds found in most plants, fruits and vegetables. They help provide the taste and aroma that you enjoy when eating or smelling any of these things. For example, an orange smells like an orange thanks to the presence of terpenes. 

Hemp and cannabis plants also produce an enormous assortment of terpenes, many of which are unique to specific strains. This means that Indica strains are associated with certain groups of terpenes, as are Sativa strains. And these are the terpenes that companies extract and call Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

The label “CDT” (Cannabis-Derived Terpenes) simply means the compounds in question came directly from the cannabis plant. Note that terpenes on their own offer zero psychoactive effects. Unlike the cannabinoids, which also come from hemp and cannabis, terpenes won’t generate powerful sensations. Their presence is primarily for flavor and aroma.


Why Do People Like Cannabis-Derived Terpenes? 

There are two main reasons people prefer vapes and sauces that have been enhanced with natural  cannabis derived terpenes. 

First and foremost: The rich and delicious flavors. 3Chi adds small ratios of terpenes to give the oil and vapor a distinct taste. This taste might be sweet, sour, fruity, skunky — or anything in between. In nearly every case, when you take a puff of vapor, it is the terpenes you are tasting.

Building on that idea, CDTs are unique because they also offer an added cannabis-flower taste. This taste makes each puff feel much more authentic, as if the user was smoking hemp or cannabis flower directly. The floral notes are prominent and unmistakable. For many users, this is a welcome addition. Longtime cannabinoid users absolutely love the thicker flower taste, and for many, that flavor seriously improves the quality of the vaping experience. In fact, many delta 8 users prefer to use CDT-enhanced vapes for that reason.


Cannabis Derived Terpenes in the Presence of Cannabinoids

Now, the data on terpenes remains rather limited, and scientists don’t fully understand the extent of the influence of these helpful compounds. However, there is growing evidence that terpenes derived from cannabis can actually help shape the profile of the cannabinoids present in the product.

For example, if a company wants a delta 8 cart to match the effects of the popular cannabis strain, Cali-O, adding terpenes from that strain is thought to help “shape” the effects of the THC. When paired together, the delta 8 reportedly will more closely mirror the profile of the Cali-O strain.

This is a long way of saying the cannabis derived terpenes are thought to make the delta 8 experience closer to the experience of smoking the flower directly.


Where Can I Find Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?

If you’re someone who enjoys the taste and feel of cannabis flower, but prefers the milder and more functional high of delta 8, CDT blends are going to be your best friend. Similarly, because delta 8 is federally legal, its products are available in many states where cannabis remains unavailable.

If you’d like to try any cannabis derived terpene blends, click HERE to head over to 3Chi’s full vape cart selection. 3Chi is the most popular supplier of delta 8 in the country. It currently offers more than 30 CDT carts in a huge variety of flavors and strains.


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