Do You Need a Pipe to Use Delta 8?

can you smoke delta 8


The relatively new status of delta 8 THC means that the general public still has much to learn about this cannabinoid. A common source of confusion relates to the accessories needed, specifically a pipe, in order to properly use and enjoy delta 8 products. Let’s review the necessary tools below needed to ensure you have everything for an enjoyable delta 8 experience. 


Uses of a Pipe

The good news is that consumers reserve pipes exclusively for burning and smoking hemp and cannabis flower. This means that the majority of delta 8 products — including both of the most popular product types — do not require a pipe at all. There is no need to visit a smoke shop and buy a pipe unless you are planning to smoke flower. 

If you’re hoping to dab with delta 8 sauces, a pipe alone won’t do the trick. You are going to need a specialized rig attachment and accompanying water-filtration device, colloquially referred to as a “bong.” The gear for dabbing is a different subject entirely. 


What Do you Need to Use Delta 8?

Edibles and tinctures need no outside equipment, and vape cartridges just need a compatible battery. Depending on the delta 8 product, you may need to buy some compatible equipment. 

Vape cartridges — Vape cartridges will always need a battery to heat the oil into vapor. All 3Chi carts work with any 510-threaded battery, which you can purchase online. These batteries typically won’t cost more than a few dollars, and once acquired, should last years without incident. 3Chi also offers disposables vapes which come with a battery attached already.

Edibles — One of the reasons edibles have emerged as the most popular type of delta 8 product is precisely due to their convenience and lack of external equipment. Gummies, brownies, and cookies can all be eaten directly out of the package, with no prep or additional purchases required.

Tinctures — Like edibles, tinctures can be taken directly. Users should place 3-6 drops under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. Most users report that the effects kick in within just a few minutes.


Finding the Right Products 

If you’d like to explore any of the products touched on above, follow this link HERE to shop premium options from the most popular delta 8 store in the country. 3Chi was the very first to offer federally legal delta 8 THC, and has remained the highest-quality option for the past two years. 3Chi also sends all its products to a third party laboratory for testing prior to use. You can read those results HERE



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