Are 3Chi Edibles Considered Sativa or Indica?

Delta 8 THC Sativa and Indica


For new users seeking a specific set of sensations, trying to understand the profile of delta 8 edibles can seem tricky. 3Chi vape blends, for example, all have a description that specifies which strain they stem from. So why don’t the gummies, baked treats, and other edibles have something similar? Let’s break down exactly where these edibles sit on the Sativa-Indica spectrum. 


What These Terms Mean

The terms Sativa and Indica help broadly classify the two types of cannabis strains. Now there are hundreds of individual species that fall under these two umbrellas, but they are useful shorthands that typically indicate the profile of a blend. Sativa strains are often characterized by more energizing and motivating effects, while Indica strains are best-known for their relaxing and sleepy sensations. 

However, neither really apply when talking about edibles. Here’s why:


Edibles are Made with Distillate 

3Chi infuses all its delta 8 edibles with premium distillate oil. This highly concentrated product has been stripped of excess terpenes, fats, and other parts of the plant, leaving only the cannabinoid in a very pure form. In this state the delta 8 is extremely powerful, but it can also be thought of as a kind of “clean version” of the cannabinoid.

The effects of delta 8 distillate reflect only the profile of the THC. It is typically uplifting and soothing, but sits in the middle of this Sativa-Indica spectrum. In short, it is neither. 

In order to help make the delta 8 feel like a Sativa or Indica in the vape blends, 3Chi adds small ratios of terpenes that come directly from the cannabis strains. On top of providing flavor and aroma, these terpenes help the delta 8 mimic the effects of the given strain. For example, terpenes extracted from the cannabis strain OG Kush and added to the delta 8 typically alter the profile of the oil, nudging it to better resemble the original profile of the strain. 


There are No Terpenes in Edibles

These terpenes are not present in 3Chi edibles, and this absence leads to a much more balanced and standardized set of effects. As more is learned about cannabis strains, it is becoming increasingly apparent that terpenes and other present compounds are the ones responsible for affecting the profile of the THC. Without them, the delta 8 edibles feel and operate very normally, never tilting toward Sativa or Indica at all. 

However, the presence of other, non-delta 8 cannabinoids can still powerfully alter the experience. For example, THCv typically elevates energy levels and mood to a larger degree than delta 8. Taking a THCv-infused edible would still result in a THCv-driven set of sensations. This is why 3Chi offers a range of edible products that include specific cannabinoid blends such as CBN or THCv. These blends are able to draw on the full spectrum of effects generated by the unique combination of compounds. 


Broken Down in the Body

Product consumption is the other major factor. Some researchers think that Sativa and Indica distinctions do not translate to edible products at all. This is because eating a cannabinoid dramatically changes how your body processes and reacts to that compound. It is a totally different experience compared to vaping or any other method of use. But again, the presence of other cannabinoids and their profiles will still tangibly affect the experience. 



The good news is that this means you don’t need to worry about either of these competing profiles when using edibles. You are going to get the same reliable, middle of the pack balanced and even sensations every single time. 

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