3Chi’s Three Best Products For Sleep


There are a huge number of customers who actively use 3Chi products to help them get better sleep in the evenings, and swear by the effectiveness of these cannabinoid products. 

Let’s review the three best possible picks, using reviews, product ingredients, and personal testimony to guide the rankings. 


Number Three — Granddaddy Purple Vape Cartridge

The first on the list is the Granddaddy Purple delta 8 cartridge — a smooth Indica blend with a set of sensations that are typically powerfully relaxing and sedative. Add to that a fruity and rich aroma, and you’ve got the perfect combination of delicious, fast-acting, and potent. Among the more than 50 custom blends 3Chi offers, Granddaddy Purple is the best option for a good night’s sleep. 

Just a few puffs should be more than enough to have you ready to unwind for the day. You can find this excellent vape cartridge HERE


Number Two — “Soothe” Delta 8 Focused Blend Vape Cartridge

Next up is a delta 8-based cannabinoid blend that draws from several potent compounds in order to provide a deeper overall experience. The focused blend collection uses different ratios of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and more.  It’s the ratio of this blend that creates different desired effects. In the case of the “Soothe” blend, those effects are said to be relaxing, calming, and perfect for your nighttime routine. 

The natural synergy between cannabinoids helps boost the effectiveness of the cart, and most users report enjoying a fairly intense experience. If delta 8 alone isn’t getting the job done, consider making the swap to this broader mix of cannabinoids. Click HERE to jump to the focused blend page.


Number One — Comfortably Numb Gummies 

Finally, the Comfortably Numb collection — a series of products specifically designed to help you fall asleep fast and stay that way. 3Chi combined equal ratios of delta 8 and CBN in order to create a set of sleepy sensations as powerful as any cannabinoid product on the market. Each gummy is as potent as it is delicious, containing 12.5 mg of both compounds in a chewy, fruity package. Just a single bite is more than enough to bring relaxing vibes for hours on end. And their consistent effectiveness is why the Comfortably Numb collection has been the go-to for countless users since its release. If sleep is the goal, these gummies will help get you there. Click HERE to head to that page, and read hundreds of real reviews from users raving about these products.



The wide variety of 3Chi options helps ensure that no matter your needs, there is a perfect product to match. Keep in mind that effects of delta 8 and other cannabinoids don’t work the same for every user. However, the overwhelming feedback suggests that you will likely enjoy a similarly relaxing experience. Be sure to talk to your doctor before trying any of these products, and never operate machinery after consumption.

Otherwise click HERE to start shopping any of the options listed above, and start getting the quality of sleep you’ve always wanted. 


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