Hiking with Delta 8: What to Bring and What to Avoid


Hiking is relaxing, stimulating, and good for the mind and body. Add a little delta 8, and you have the makings of a truly cathartic experience. However, a long outdoor trek requires a bit of prep, and the delta 8 products you bring can go a long way towards enhancing or detracting from the experience.

Bring an Energetic Blend 

The most important choice to make is which strain to bring. 3Chi offers a wide variety of Delta 8 products, each with a specific set of flavors and effects.

Among these, your trip will be best-served with a Sativa or other high-energy hybrid blend. Delta 8 provides uplifting sensations, but some blends will also be accompanied by relaxing and even drowsy vibes. Instead of slowly losing steam as you hike, you’re going to want to go with the other end of the spectrum. Among the Sativa blends, Green Crack, Gary Payton and Jack Herer are all excellent fan favorites with dozens of positive reviews. Anything in that ballpark is going to serve you well on a long trek.

Keep in mind that delta 8 is best-suited for moderate hikes. Be sure the weather conditions are good and the trail itself is safe before setting out with your delta 8. 


Choose Fast-Acting Over Potent

Vape cartridges are likely going to be your best bet, thanks to their lightweight and fast-acting status. A single puff will be enough to begin generating the energizing and uplifting sensations, and you can continue taking hits over the course of the hike as needed.

By contrast, a product such as edibles are going to take much longer to kick in, meaning you’ll likely need to take them up to an hour before the trip begins in order to align the effects with the hike. Additionally, there is a much wider variation in strength when taking doses of edibles. This means you may end up feeling more effects than you’d like. And considering the fact that you might be miles into the wilderness, the last thing you want is to suddenly feel overwhelmed or tired after taking too large a dose.

Tinctures can also be a good option, as the bottle is small and easily transported. Dabbing sauces should be avoided, given the amount of equipment necessary to properly use the oil.


Stock Up on the Right Supplies 

This next piece of advice is true for any hiking excursion, but it is particularly important when delta 8 is introduced into the mix. 

You want to make sure you have plenty of water and snacks for every member. Here, make sure you are bringing food with some substance. Junk food isn’t going to provide the energy and nutrients required to keep your body fueled. Nuts and fruits should be brought and regularly eaten. These will help prevent crashes, and keep everyone happy and healthy for the duration of the hike.


Hiking with 3Chi

While 3Chi can’t help you secure snacks, it has everything you need for a truly pleasant delta 8 hiking experience. If vapes are your product of choice, there are more than a dozen Sativa blends to choose from, all well-suited for active and outdoor settings. Those options can be found HERE.

You can also click HERE to explore tinctures and edibles, including cookies and brownies. 

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