Two Clever Ways to Use Delta 8 Tincture

Microdosing Delta 8 THC Tinctures


Delta 8 tinctures are extremely useful products thanks to their fast-acting effects and natural synergy with many types of foods and beverages. Users are continually coming up with resourceful ways to use these potent drops, adding them to just about every type of product under the sun. Let’s highlight a few of the most clever discovered uses. If they sound interesting, you can try incorporating parts into your own delta 8 tincture routine.


Use One: Single-Serve Edibles

Imagine for a moment the following scenario: you want to bake cupcakes, but you only want a few of the dozen to be edibles. Maybe you want to bring the batch to a party and offer both normal and THC-infused options. Maybe most of the cupcakes are being sent off for a bake sale, leaving only a few that you’d like to keep and enhance with delta 8. 

Regardless of reason, it is situations exactly like this one where tinctures really shine. 

These handy drops can be used to make single-serve edibles. Here, instead of blending a distillate oil directly into the batter, add the tincture to a few of the cupcakes. This will ensure you only make the desired number of edibles.

For best results, use 5-8 drops of tincture per cupcake. The concentration of delta 8 within the bottle should also guide your dosing. From there you can add the tincture directly onto the icing and gently stir it in, or let the cake itself absorb the liquid. 

Keep this handy tip in mind for the next time you’re hoping to make edibles on the fly. The same principle works equally well with any beverage, but tinctures are especially effective when combined with smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate, or a thicker liquid. 


Use Two: Microdosing

If you want a fun and wholly unique delta 8 tincture experience, consider giving microdosing a try. Microdosing is the process of taking extremely small quantities of a compound on a regular basis in order to feel the effects continuously over a long period of time. There is an entire subsect of the delta 8 community that regularly microdoses and swears by the practice.

Ideally you would take just enough to feel the calming and uplifting sensations of the delta 8, without any of the more intoxicating active effects. With this method you can go a day or more fully basking in the THC-driven bliss. Additionally, more importantly, you can avoid the stronger effects that would ordinarily often accompany normal use.

To start, try taking one drop of 3Chi’s 600 mg delta 8 tincture every 90 minutes for five hours. Hold the drop under your tongue for roughly 60 seconds before swallowing. If you’re totally new to the world of cannabinoids, begin instead with the 300 mg tincture. From there, adjust your dosage as needed. Again, you should only be feeling the barest hint of the sensations. Over the course of a longer period of time, you should begin to feel comfortable with the dosing and will hopefully enjoy the longer-lasting effects. 



Hopefully these tips gave you new and clever ways to think about using tinctures in your own delta 8 routine. If you’d like to buy any tincture yourself, click HERE to head over to that page to start shopping. 3Chi is the most popular supplier of premium delta 8 products in the country, and was the first to offer federally legal delta 8 products. When you shop with 3Chi, you can feel confident you are buying from the very best. 


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