The Effects of Delta 8 Tinctures

delta 8 THC tincture effects


If you’ve used delta 8 before, the effects of the delta 8 tinctures are going to be very familiar. If this is your first time reading about delta 8, you can follow THIS LINK to read more about this legal THC and how it interacts with your bodies’ natural endocannabinoid system. 

The effects of delta 8 tinctures closely resemble the effects of the delta 8 gummies. Users often report a deep soothing sensation, and a mild buzzed feeling that can be relaxing but energizing. These feelings can be perfect for the end-of-day unwinding, and still preserve enough functionality to work or socialize.

If you try delta 8 after only ever using cannabis or weed, the biggest difference you’ll note is the quality of the active experience. Delta 8 users report that they are far more energized and focused, while also feeling a deeper set of body sensations. Compared to cannabis, delta 8 is said to be significantly more uplifting. 

The Effects of Delta 8 Tinctures

The idea of tinctures may seem strange at first, but you will likely find yourself pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness and strength. A single bottle can last a month or more, depending on dosing needs, and, with proper storage, will stay fresh for 6-12 months. 

The effects typically last an hour or so. And when you consider how many drops come in an average bottle of tincture, it comes out to a pretty good deal for your money’s worth.

Compare that to a bag of edibles, which usually comes with 8-16 pieces. Even if you take half a piece every time, you’re only going to get 20-ish uses out of each bag. The obvious flip-side to this is that the effects of edibles last longer. But tinctures are an extremely cost-effective product. 

If you’re someone who prefers edibles, or doesn’t enjoy smoking, delta 8 tinctures may be the ideal product for you. It checks all the boxes in terms of feeling, duration, and how quickly it kicks in, and overall there is very little to dislike about the experience. 



Hits fast

Hits hard

Easy to use



Doesn’t last as long as edibles 


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