Should Tinctures Be Measured in Drops or Milligrams?

Delta 8 THC Tincture Drops


There is sometimes confusion that arises as a result of conflicting directions when it comes to properly dosing delta 8 tinctures. Some sites and brands use milligrams, while others recommend a specific number of drops. What do these competing measurements mean?


What is the Difference Between Drops and Milligrams for Tinctures?

These two different measurements can work interchangeably. Scientists have standardized drops of liquid within a dropper, and each individual drop should be equal to exactly 0.05 ml. Knowing that, you can easily convert the system over to milligrams, factoring in the total milligrams of THC within the tinctures, as well as the total milliliters of oil. An ounce bottle of tincture like the one found HERE contains 30 ml of oil, and 1200 mg of delta 8 — assuming you buy the highest concentration of the product.  

If one drop is 0.05 ml, then there should be 600 total drops within the bottle. Then, you can simply divide to come to the result that there are 2 mg of delta 8 per drop of tincture.

With this in mind, no matter which dosing system is recommended, you should be able to quickly convert back and forth to your preferred method. 


The Confusion with Drops

The immediate issue, and the reason many sites do not recommend the dropper methods, is because drops of liquid vary in size. This may have to do with the size of the dropper hole itself, or simply due to user error. Users often lack the precision to squeeze evenly enough to produce identical droplets on each squeeze. Whatever the reason, this variance can sometimes alter the size of the dose. Six drops may not, in fact, be exactly six drops.

Knowing this, and if you want to be absolutely sure of the size of your dose, pour the liquid into a finely tuned measuring instrument prior to taking. Use any precise beaker or measuring cup in order to guarantee the size of the dose. 


Why the Terminology Difference May Not Matter

The good news is that if you do choose to stick with drops, there is a very small chance of accidentally taking too much. Even if a few of the drops are larger than expected, the difference is only going to be a handful of milliliters. When you consider that an average dose is upwards of 12 mg, the slight difference likely won’t even be noticeable. That means if you’re an average user who isn’t super concerned with precise measurements, taking tincture in drops isn’t going to be a problem.

At the end of the day, using the term drops for measurement is easy to understand, convenient, and doesn’t require the use of any external equipment. You can simply open the bottle and start dropping.


Finding Tincture

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