Why Do So Many 3Chi Products Contain Both Delta 8 and CBN?

Delta 8 CBN products


The cannabinoid CBN is not nearly as popular as the soothing and accessible CBD. Why then does 3Chi regularly pair CBN with delta 8 instead of CBD? A unique relationship exists between these powerful compounds. CBN is better-suited for a number of important uses.


Why Use CBN?

Although limited research exists, users report that CBN provides exceptionally powerful sedative sensations. This immediately makes the cannabinoid useful when it comes to helping users fall asleep quickly and stay that way. Trouble sleeping is one of the most commonly-cited ailments facing people today. It also often negatively impacts other parts of a person’s life. For that reason, CBN provides an appealing natural alternative to people who might otherwise be turned off by the idea of taking pills or syrups to help them sleep.

Among the various options, 3Chi’s most popular delta 8 and CBN products are the Comfortably Numb gummies. The fruity treats are fast acting and long lasting, capable of producing effects in as little as thirty minutes. Each gummy contains an even split of delta 8 and CBN, for 25mg of pure cannabinoid power. The typical dose is one-half to one gummy, and the treats come in two convenient bag sizes of eight and sixteen. 


What is the Entourage Effect?

Pairing two or more cannabinoids does more than offer two sets of effects. There may be a unique interaction that occurs known as the Entourage Effect — a phenomenon that is said to boost the overall effectiveness of the compounds when in the presence of similar cannabinoids.

In the case of delta 8 and CBN, the delta 8 reportedly enhances the sleepy portion of the CBN, while the CBN adds to the euphoric experience of the legal THC.

Delta 8 and CBN share this relationship with all of the cannabinoids. But the two appear to have an inherent connection that makes them especially powerful when combined.


Finding Delta 8 and Cannabinoid Combos

If you’d like to buy any delta 8 products, click HERE to explore all of 3Chi’s excellent options. In addition to the Comfortably Numb gummies mentioned above, 3Chi offers a vape cartridge and tincture Comfortably Numb option to ensure there is a product for every preference. Or, you can skip the CBN entirely and jump right into the various delta 8 products, including more than 50 custom carts, alongside brownies, cookies, and more.

3Chi is the most popular delta 8 supplier in the country, and continues to lead the industry in quality. When you buy from 3Chi, you can be sure you’re buying from the best.



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