What is the Best Time of Day to Use Delta 8?

when is the best time to take delta 8 thc


Choosing the time and place to use delta 8 will go a long way towards determining the quality of your experience. Here are the best times to keep in mind for most strains and products. 


Match Your Strain with the Hour

There are two main delta 8 strain types, Sativa and Indica, and both specialize in a slightly different set of active sensations.

Sativa strains will typically be more energizing and uplifting. Delta 8 blends in particular have been widely reported to generate powerful uplifting effects.

With that in mind, the best time of day to use Sativa blends is the early afternoon. The resulting experience should help keep you focused and motivated, no matter what’s on the agenda. Sativa blends are especially popular for pairing with active and social settings, such as hiking or group outings.

You can find a few different sativa blends HERE.  

On the other side of the aisle sits Indica. These strains are better suited for evening relaxation, and should be taken before settling in for the night. This means prior to getting on the couch, or just before bed.

Users report delta 8 Indica blends make them feel relaxed and tranquil — a perfect combination for a great night’s sleep. You can find several Indica blends HERE.

These timings are important. Using a Sativa blend right before bed will likely make for a rough night’s rest. Likewise, a dose of Indica in the middle afternoon might seriously hurt your chances of getting anything done for the rest of the day. Keep these distinctions in mind when planning and shopping. 


Product Type Matters Too

Strains aside, the other factor to consider is the type of delta 8 product in question. The duration and startup time of effects vary between products, and it is important to plan ahead to ensure you are feeling the way you want, when you want.

For example, delta 8 edibles typically take between 60-90 minutes to fully kick in. That buffer time needs to be taken into consideration, as does the length of active sensations. Edibles will also typically last far longer than any other delta 8 product.

Knowing that, the best time to take edibles is late in the afternoon. By the time the sensations have fully taken over, you’ll be positioned to enjoy them for the rest of the evening. That will also help maximize your time enjoying the effects while awake.

By contrast, tinctures, sauces, and vape carts will typically kick in immediately. The effects won’t last nearly as long as edibles, but are easier to dose and control.

The best time to use these types of delta 8 products is roughly 20 minutes before you want to feel the effects. That should give you enough time to take a small dose and judge how the sensations affect you. Then, you can ramp up as needed.


Finding Delta 8

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