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How Do You Know When Your Cartridge is Finished?

Delta 8 Cart Finished

  The end of a vape cart is a bit like the end of a bottle of ketchup. You can clearly see some residual liquid, and the inside never fully empties. Instead, the product slowly gets more and more difficult to use — until finally nothing comes out. But what marks the end? When do […]

What is the Ideal Voltage for Delta 8 Vape Carts?


  There is a kind of “goldilocks zone” when it comes to properly heating your delta 8 cartridge. Too warm and you risk burning the oil, potentially damaging the product and detracting from the experience. Too cold and the distillate won’t vaporize properly, preventing you from enjoying the effects of the legal THC at all. […]

Hiking with Delta 8: What to Bring and What to Avoid

  Hiking is relaxing, stimulating, and good for the mind and body. Add a little delta 8, and you have the makings of a truly cathartic experience. However, a long outdoor trek requires a bit of prep, and the delta 8 products you bring can go a long way towards enhancing or detracting from the […]

3Chi’s Three Best Products For Sleep

  There are a huge number of customers who actively use 3Chi products to help them get better sleep in the evenings, and swear by the effectiveness of these cannabinoid products.  Let’s review the three best possible picks, using reviews, product ingredients, and personal testimony to guide the rankings.    Number Three — Granddaddy Purple […]

What Are Delta 8 Focused Blends?

Delta 8 THC Focused Blends

  3Chi recently unveiled a new line of delta 8 focused blends – available in premium vape cartridges, sauces and more. These new products feature carefully selected ratios of various powerful cannabinoids. Each of the four exciting options has a carefully-selected blend of cannabinoids, making these products unique among 3Chi’s many available custom products.   […]

What are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?


  Longtime vaping fans may have noticed a recent increase in the number of delta 8 cartridges and dabbing sauces that have been infused with “Cannabis-Derived Terpenes.” While regular terpenes have long been a staple in most cannabinoid vape products, the question is: Why the emphasis on terpenes specifically derived from cannabis?    Terpenes vs […]

Pairing Delta 8 Products: Fruity Cereal Treats and ‘Sunset Sherbert’


  Pairing delta 8 products is a growing trend that aims to broaden the delta 8 profile by combining two or more complementary options. Given that each product type offers something slightly different in terms of active sensations, using them together will typically lead to a brand new set of effects that are more powerful […]

Pairing Delta 8 Products: Delta 8 Cookies and Delta 8 Grenadine Vape


  When it comes to using Delta 8 THC, each product type brings something slightly different to the table in terms of flavors and sensations. Recently, it is becoming increasingly popular to combine two or more product types in order to enhance the overall experience. Pairing delta 8 products has never been easier.   Picking […]

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