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3Chi’s Twelve Tincture Blends


  3Chi has tincture blends for every occasion. Most are fueled by delta 8 THC or CBD, two legal and incredible cannabinoids that have become extremely popular in recent years. Tens of thousands of users around the country swear by these natural products, and regularly take advantage of their many helpful effects. For some, these […]

Comfortably Numb Collection


  Delta 8 has recently become wildly popular nationwide as a functional alternative to cannabis. On its own, the effects of this legal THC are wide-ranging and often-beneficial. 3Chi has paired delta 8 with other useful cannabinoids in order to further focus and enhance the resulting active experience. That is exactly what 3Chi did with […]

Does Delta 8 Get You High?

  Delta 8 does in fact get you high. It is known as a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties. You may be familiar with the another cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties — Delta 9. That is the far more popular version of THC, and the compound responsible for the “high” sensations of cannabis.  Delta 8 operates […]

Mixing Delta 8 and CBD

    The cannabinoid family has a broad spectrum of helpful effects. Many of them are well-known and widely used, including the two this article covers today — delta 8 THC and CBD. But a lesser known fact about these effects are the ways in which they are influenced by each other. The presence of […]

How Long Should You Make Your Delta 8 Tolerance Break?


  Developing a tolerance to cannabinoids is an inevitable part of frequent use. Unfortunately, it can also seriously hamper the experience. A tolerance buildup can lead to significantly lessened effects, and a growing need to take increasingly-higher doses in order to achieve the desired benefits. It can become both expensive and frustrating.  This phenomenon has […]

Five Things to Consider Before Trying Delta 8 THC

delta 8 tinctures

  Trying anything for the first time can be as thrilling as it is intimidating. Cannabinoids in particular, many of which offer a wide range of active effects, can vary wildly in the experience they offer. The better-prepared you are, the more likely you will be to enjoy that initial ride. With that in mind, […]

The Differences Between Delta 8 and CBD

  If you’re new to the cannabis community, it can be difficult to distinguish between the hundreds of cannabinoids and their many benefits. The names aren’t very intuitive, and there is a seemingly an entire glossary of terms, definitions, and industry-specific lingo.  This article is going to break down the differences between two of the […]

Is Delta-8 Safe? What We know…

  Whenever a brand-new new product enters the market, it immediately raises some red flags. Is it safe? What don’t we know about it? Add to that a name like Delta-8 and the word cannabis, and you have a genuine lightning rod for scrutiny and misinformation. Both sides want to make claims that Delta-8 is […]

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