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3Chi is committed to helping as many people as possible find relief through with the therapeutic effects of delta 8 and other cannabinoids. The 3Chi delta 8 blog is all about creating well-researched articles to help new and first-time users understand the roles of these compounds and the effects they offer.

Here you’ll find everything related to the delta 8 community. Want to understand the potential medical applications of delta 8? We’ve got a breakdown for that.

Hoping to compare the effects of delta 8 and cannabis? We’ve got it covered.

There is something for all delta 8 enthusiasts. Why? Because we love delta 8, and we’re passionate about what we do. So read and enjoy, and hopefully you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the amazing world of cannabinoids.

Water-Soluble Delta 8 Opens Up A Whole New World of Edibles


  3Chi recently released an ultra-concentrated, water-soluble delta 8 powder — giving users the opportunity to customize a wider range of edible products than ever before.  Since delta 8’s release, users have largely made edibles with tinctures or distillates, a pair of oil-based options that each offer their own set of advantages. Distillate is more […]

Is It Bad to Repeatedly Open Your Delta 8 Bulk Oil?

Bulk Oil Distillate

There are lots of advantages to buying your delta 8 distillate oil in bulk quantities. First and foremost is the affordability, since bulk prices will always be cheaper than individual products. But buying in bulk also reduces the number of shipped packages you have to deal with, saving you time and energy, and reducing the […]

3Chi’s Rootbeer Taffies Have Arrived — And They’re Amazing

RootBeer Taffies

  3Chi is continually offering new and exciting ways to enjoy the effects of delta 8 THC, most recently rolling out a brand new line of mouthwatering rootbeer taffies. These bite-sized candies deliver the powerful THC-driven experience you know and love, all in a sweet and chewy package. Here is what you should expect from […]

How to Self-Care With Delta 8


  There is a growing movement in the US all about putting a renewed emphasis on self-care. After all, our personal wellbeing should be a top priority in an increasingly tumultuous world. But for many, acts of self-love have been neglected for too long.  This is where delta 8 comes in. This legal cannabinoid is […]

How to Prevent Delta 8 Distillate Spills


    Spilling distillate is a truly terrible feeling. Not only does it mean you’ve just lost out on precious delta 8 product, but you now have the added hassle of having to clean up the sticky oil. It is one of the quickest ways to sour an otherwise perfectly pleasant evening. Fortunately, distillate spills […]

Tips For Cleaning Up Spilled Delta 8 Distillate


    Unlucky distillate spills occasionally do happen. Whether it was caused by a slip of the hand or broken container, it is important as a delta 8 user to know how to clean up the oil with minimal hassle. After all, spilled distillate is a famously sticky substance, and traditional cleaning methods might not […]

What is CBD Isolate?


  The world of cannabinoids is ever growing, as is the number of available product options for each compound. CBD isolate is one such emerging alternative, and it continues to gain traction among users thanks to its versatility and high potency. Let’s dive into the science of CBD isolate, and highlight where it fits among […]

Are Delta 8 Deliveries Allowed in the US?


  The patchwork of cannabinoid laws between states and the federal government can often make it confusing for new users to understand the availability of certain products in their area. Let’s address a common question surrounding one of the newest popular cannabinoids — delta 8 THC. Specifically, are delta 8 deliveries legal?   Are Delta […]

What Equipment Do You Need to Use Delta 8 Products?


  There are few emotional rollercoasters more severe than receiving a delta 8 product in the mail, only to realize you are missing a key piece of equipment. While not all products require specialized tools, many are intended to be paired with a compatible piece of equipment, and may not work as intended without one. […]

Does 3Chi Ship Outside of the United States?


  The 3Chi community continues to grow rapidly, and the circle of members is beginning to expand beyond the borders of the US. Delta 8 users in other parts of the world have heard about or tried 3Chi products and are hoping to buy from the best in the business — but are wondering if […]

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