Five Things to Consider Before Trying Delta 8 THC

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Trying anything for the first time can be as thrilling as it is intimidating. Cannabinoids in particular, many of which offer a wide range of active effects, can vary wildly in the experience they offer. The better-prepared you are, the more likely you will be to enjoy that initial ride. With that in mind, here are the top five things to consider before trying delta 8 for the very first time. 


Delta 8 is Different From the THC You Know and Love 

All cannabinoids aren’t created equal. Even if you are familiar with other versions, the most popular being CBD and Delta 9, the active ingredient in cannabis, your body may respond unexpectedly when exposed to Delta 8 THC. It binds with the receptors in your body in a very different way, and that difference leads to a host of new feelings and experiences. 

If you are coming over from cannabis, the main distinction will be the potency. Delta 8 is far more tolerable at equivalent doses, making it ideal for new and first-time users. You will likely feel the familiar sensations of relaxation, but the effects are reportedly less intoxicating and more energetic. Delta 8 users can stay functional and alert throughout the experience, which is not always the case with cannabis. In many ways, cannabis users will have the easiest time making the switch, as delta 8 is considered a more mild THC in nearly every measurable way. 

The effect profile of delta 8 is typically defined by feelings of euphoria and deep soothing sensations. It can be intoxicating in high amounts, but it will never reach the potential potency level of something like cannabis.


CBD Users Should Beware of the Increased Potency 

With that in mind, the opposite is true for CBD or other cannabidiol users. Delta 8 is going to feel like a massive step up compared to the subtle feelings that CBD generates. The big advantage Delta 8 holds is that the active effects are much more powerfully felt. And, unlike delta 9 and cannabis, delta 8 creates bonds with the same set of receptors as CBD. So while the mild buzz may be unfamiliar, the deeper experience may resemble the effects of CBD you are used to. 

This means CBD users should start slow with dosing and gradually work their way up. The same goes for anyone who is trying cannabinoids or delta 8 for the first time. Remember, you can always take more of the product. But once it’s in your system, it is extremely difficult to undo. And since the last thing you or anyone wants is a bad first experience, be sure to ramp up your dosing slowly and according to your bodies’ needs. 


The Effects Aren’t Always Felt the First Time 

If this is your very first time experimenting with THC or cannabinoids — first off, congratulations! But it is important to recognize that users commonly do not feel the full brunt of the effects when trying for the first time. The reason for this is twofold. For one, people sometimes fail to properly ingest the THC, whether that be by inhaling incorrectly or by their liver failing to break down the THC in their system. A secondly, humans are thought to have a kind of biological filter that sometimes prevents the cannabinoids from activating. This same system is why your liver may not break down the THC the first time if using edibles. 

If you have a similarly-dull first experience, do not fret. Simply wait and try again wherever is convenient. The second try should yield far better results! Your body should be ready the second time around. 


Decide on a method of consumption 

How you ingest the delta 8 can determine much about your experience. Smoking is by far the most direct way to ensure a smooth start, but the idea of filling your lungs with vapor can be a big turnoff for many people. If that is the case, I would recommend starting with tinctures. They are a tasteless oil that holds the delta 8. You take them by putting a few drops under the tongue for 90 seconds. The biggest advantage of using tinctures is that the effects will still kick in as quickly as smoking, but the method of consumption is far more intuitive.

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If you are using for the first time, I would recommend caution with edibles. Not only do the effects linger for up to three or four times as long, they can also be significantly more potent. This has to do with how your body reacts when the THC is absorbed by the liver versus the soft tissue of the mouth and lungs. 


Build Your Ideal Setting 

Despite the lessened potency, delta 8 still carries mild psychoactive properties. Meaning, you may still get high. And because of that, creating a suitable setting is essential to an enjoyable first experience. Start in a safe space with people you trust, and do everything in your power to make that space inviting and friendly. Select activities ahead of time that pair nicely with THC. I recommend being outdoors if possible, or doing something creative. Use your imagination, and build the environment you want to be in — whatever that looks like for you. 

If you follow these simple tips, you should be on your way to having a truly first excellent delta 8 experience. 



Ready to try delta 8? Find the right product for you here. What was your impression the first time you tried delta 8? Let us know in the comments below! And as always, be sure to check back soon for more delta 8 tips, news, and reviews

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