What is a Delta 8 Cart?

What is a delta 8 vape cartridge


There are a number of excellent ways to enjoy the powerful and unbeatable effects of delta 8 THC. 3Chi has created a wide variety of tasty and convenient products, each with a different set of advantages. One of the most popular of these options is the delta 8 cart. 


Characteristics of the Cart

First, it is important to separate the two halves of the product. The cart itself is the first part, and the delta 8 oil inside is the other. 

Delta 8 drives the effects. This federally legal version of THC has exploded in popularity in the last 18 months, and brings a unique cannabinoid experience that is unlike any other. It most-closely resembles the effects of delta 9 THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, but is reported by users to be less potent and disorienting. 

If you’d like to first learn more about delta 8 and how it operates within the body, you can follow this link HERE to read a comprehensive breakdown. 

Otherwise the next section will cover the mechanics of the cartridge and its various benefits. 


Anatomy of the Cart 

Delta 8 carts or vape cartridges are glass cylinders with a mouthpiece at the top and heating coil and wick at the bottom. 3Chi uses only CCELL cartridges for their vapes. The base by the heating coil is threaded, and designed to be screwed onto a compatible battery. 

Contained inside the cartridge is a special delta 8 concentrate blend. This oil is extremely high-purity and will usually include natural terpenes to add flavor and feel to the resulting vapor. 

When the cartridge is attached to a battery and activated, the heating coil and wick work to begin vaporizing the delta 8 oil.



Delta 8 vape cartridges hold a number of advantages over other delta 8 products. Edibles are the most common alternative, but 3Chi also offers edibles, tinctures and sauces (dabbing oil).

When using a delta 8 cart, the active sensations begin almost immediately. The vapor is absorbed by the soft tissue of the lungs, which offer a direct path to the cannabinoid receptors. Users typically feel the effects within minutes, if not seconds.

By contrast, when using edibles, the effects can take up to four hours to register fully, as the delta 8 must first travel through the stomach and be absorbed in the liver. This main advantage of this route is that it will often result in a longer and more potent overall experience, but the user trades these heightened effects for a longer initial onset.

Vaping is also among the most convenient and reliable ways to monitor dosing. Users can take larger or smaller puffs, depending on their needs. And they won’t have to wait long to feel how it affects them. It is easy to inhale some vapor and wait 2-5 minutes to see how you feel. One doesn’t have the same luxury when using edibles.

Enjoying the Hemp Taste

But perhaps the biggest advantage of carts is that they allow the user to enjoy some of the taste and feel of the particular hemp strain, without resorting to smoking harsh delta 8-infused flower. 

The presence of terpenes in the oil gives each puff a rich and delicious aroma, and 3Chi has a huge assortment of flavors and effects to help customize the experience. 3Chi offers more than 30 different vape cartridge blends, each with a slightly different set of aromas and effects. You can find all those options HERE

Consider Your Source

The final point relates to the source of your vape cartridges. Not all companies create and test their delta 8 the same way, and some — like 3Chi — simply do it better than others. It is recommended to research the source of any and all delta 8 products you wish to purchase, in order to guarantee you are only shopping from the highest-quality sources possible. If you want a full list of what to look for in a delta 8 company, you can follow this link HERE. But things like third-party testing and public lab results are a must. 

Hopefully this helped improve your understanding of delta 8 vape carts and the role they play among THC products.

If you think vape carts may fit your cannabinoid needs, you can follow this link HERE to explore a huge selection of 3Chi delta 8 carts. A dropdown menu will identify the flavors and common effects to help you best make a decision.


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