Dosing CBN

Dosing CBN (cannabinol) will require a little experimentation on your part, as there is no standard dose for CBN. The effective dose for our CBN products, as reported by our customers, ranges from 1-6 mg if vaped and 4-66 mg if taken orally. It’s also important to note that our CBN products are not CBN isolates. They all contain specific levels of other cannabinoids and terpenes that work with CBN to make it more potent and effective.

So, if you decide to take a different broad or full spectrum CBN product or a CBN isolate product, the results could differ wildly. This is supported by studies on CBN isolates showing doses of 50 mg to have zero effects on all users. There are also studies showing CBN can create more pronounced effects when used with other cannabinoids.

When dosing CBN products, we suggest starting low and working your way up. More is not always better. For example, many users of the Comfortably Numb vape products report needing 1-2 puffs before bed for a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed. But if they take more than their needed dose, they wake up feeling groggy. Always start low and work your way up once you are sure you need more. You can’t “untake” a vape.

For vape users, take one puff and wait 10-30 minutes for full effects before determining if you need more. For tincture users, take 4 mg and wait up to 2 hours before determining if you need more. This may seem like a tedious process, but taking the time to find your effective dose will give you better results and save you money over time.

CBN Overview

Cannabinol, or CBN, is a relatively new cannabinoid becoming available to the hemp market. It naturally exists in low quantities in both cannabis flower and cannabis extracts, as it is typically only formed as a degradation product of THC. However, due to advances in science and extraction techniques, it can now be made available in larger quantities and CBN-dominant products that previously would have been too expensive to offer.

Overall we have seen some individuals obtain levels of relief they’ve never been able to achieve before while using our CBN products. For some people, especially with more intense issues, CBN dominant or 1:1 ratio products have worked much better than CBD-dominant blends. But, while we have no documented cases of serious side effects, it’s important to know that there is not an overwhelming amount of documented uses of CBN.

While we’ve been working with CBN for some time now, the numbers are still low when compared to something like the review process for pharmaceutical medications. While the lack of data is exclusively due to the prohibition of cannabis for the last 90 years, and not because CBN is not worthy of studying, the fact remains that we are the beginning stages of data collection. This means you should consider the use of high CBN products experimental on your part.

Further Considerations When Dosing CBN

CBN is relatively unknown in the American market. Elsewhere in the world, it is considered a “drug” like delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9THC). That’s because it can be mildly to moderately sedating, depending on the person, and can also be intoxicating.

Studies on CBN differ on the level of intoxication. Some report no intoxication while others report 1/10th the level of intoxication observed with Δ9THC. Our customers also verify these findings: most feel some low level of “intoxication” while some feel nothing.

It’s also important to know that the “type” of intoxication is different. If you take CBN to get “high” feelings like with Δ9THC, you will be disappointed. And while everyone is different, CBN does not seem to offer the same euphoric effects of Δ9THC. It may make the effects of THC more intense if used together, but its effects, alone or with equal or smaller amounts of other cannabinoids, tend to be more “slowing”. These feelings typically arrive in a natural, gradual onset of relaxing and/or sleepy feelings.

Concentration on some tasks can be difficult when using CBN, like working on a phone or computer, as the mind may seek to stay in a relaxed mode. Forcing your way through that feeling in order to do something like work long amounts of time on a computer or phone can cause headaches in some individuals.

CBN can also increase appetite and some users describe building a tolerance for CBN over time. This means you may have to increase your dose of CBN over time.

What is CBN Used For?

We cannot and do not suggest CBN is able to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific medical condition, disease, or issue. While our customers have reported using it mainly for calming and nighttime-related issues, you should in no way conclude that CBN will help you in such a way. This is purely for information purposes only.

Will I Fail a Drug Test On CBN?

Possibly. We have had users both pass and fail drug tests while using high CBN products, and for the longest time we couldn’t figure out why. But then a researcher in Utah found how CBN can cause a false positive in some drug tests.

So while it’s not due to the actual presence of THC or its metabolites, we now know that CBN can cause a failed drug test, depending on the test administered. A failed test while using our broad-spectrum CBN products should be able to be challenged based on the Utah researcher’s findings and potentially proven in subsequent tests. However, there are some companies and situations that have an absolute zero policy. So if that applies to you, you should avoid high CBN products and potentially all cannabinoid therapies.