Pairing Delta 8 Products: Fruity Cereal Treats and ‘Sunset Sherbert’



Pairing delta 8 products is a growing trend that aims to broaden the delta 8 profile by combining two or more complementary options. Given that each product type offers something slightly different in terms of active sensations, using them together will typically lead to a brand new set of effects that are more powerful than either product would be on its own. One great match is 3Chi’s fruity cereal treat edibles paired  with their  “Sunset Sherbert” vape cartridge


Why These Two Work

While it is important to ensure the two sets of effects work well together, harmony within the flavor profiles is really what is going to make the pairing experience a pleasant one. You want to make sure that each product is going to help enhance the flavors of the other, and vice versa. 

That is exactly why the fruity cereal treats and Sunset Sherbert make such a great team. 

The fruity cereal treats are sweet and tangy marshmallow bars packed with 50mg of premium 3Chi delta 8. They are extremely potent, and typically offer long-lasting uplifting and soothing sensations. 

Sunset Sherbert is an indica with a deeply relaxing profile. It is reported by other users to be best-suited for unwinding at the end of the day, or for taking right before bedtime. Like most indica strains, the bulk of the sensations are concentrated in the body, giving a calming and soothing vibe from head to toe. 


Pairing the Two

When taken together, the two products meld into a single fruity concoction, with notes of berry, mango, and citrus. Imagine the sweetest and tastiest fruit platter ever assembled — filled with bright colors and mouth watering flavors. That is exactly what it feels like to pair fruity cereal treats and the Sunset Sherbert blend. On their own, each product is delicious. But together they combine to elevate the sweet berry flavor to a whole new level. 

To start, take a small amount of cereal treat, and then immediately take a puff of the vape cartridge. While the edible begins to set in, you will already be basking in the effects of the THC vapor.

Remember to start slow, as combining products can easily prove overwhelming if you take too high a dose. Small bites and puffs will help ensure a smooth and seamless onset of sensations.


Finding Products 

If you’d like to try pairing these two delta 8 products yourself, click HERE to start shopping. There, in addition to both options described here, you’ll find more than forty custom vape blends, alongside several excellent edibles.

3Chi is the most popular supplier of delta 8 in the entire country, and was the first to offer federally legal delta 8. 3Chi continues to set the industry standard when it comes to quality and innovation. Click HERE to learn about the third-party lab testing that goes into the 3Chi formulation process.

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