How to Use a Vape Cartridge

how to use a vape cartridge


Using a vape cartridge for the first time is not always intuitive. Below are some simple and clear step-by-step instructions to get you started, and to help you avoid many common beginner mistakes. 


Step One: Unpackage and Prime the Vape Cartridge

To start, remove the cart from its packaging and take off the white rubber covers on either end. There should be one cover on the mouthpiece, and another at the base over the coil.

With these pieces removed, if your cart is working correctly, the oil should seep into the bottom of the chamber and surround the coil. This means it is ready to be primed.



To prime your cart, inhale from the mouthpiece several times. There should be no vapor, only air, and the cart should not be attached to a battery. Take between 5-8 “dry hits” in this way, pulling air through the chamber and up into your mouth. 

Next, rub the cart between your palms quickly to loosen the oil. If the oil remains above the chamber, simply continue both priming steps until corrected.

Users often overlook the priming process, but it helps prepare the cart for use, and will help prevent clogging in the future.


Step Two: Preheating and Connecting the Battery

With the cart primed, the next step is to preheat it by hand or attach it to a battery and preheat the oil. 

Here, please be sure you are using a 510-battery that is fully charged. All 3Chi vape cartridges are designed to be used with a 510-threaded battery. Improper batteries, including MOD batteries, can easily burn or otherwise damage the cartridges.



If your compatible battery does not have a preheat button, you will need to preheat by hand. This can be done by rubbing the cartridge between your palms, or by gently and carefully using a blowdryer to warm the oil. Set the dryer to low heat and gently move the mouth up and down the cart from a distance of approximately eight inches.


Connecting the Battery

The bottom of every cartridge is threaded and designed to be screwed into the top of a 510-threaded battery. Tighten only until you feel resistance. Do not overtighten.

From there, turn on the battery and adjust the heat settings. For best results, the heat should stay between 2.8v and 3.2v. This will help prevent burning the wick or delta 8 oil.

Once you’ve attached the battery and set it to the correct temperature, if your battery has a preheat option – it is time to preheat the cartridge with the battery attached. Most batteries have a preheat setting that can be activated by pressing the button 2-3 times. If you’ve already preheated by hand, then you are ready to enjoy your cartridge.


Step Four: Taking a Puff

To use, simply hold the button on your battery for 1-3 seconds while inhaling. If your battery is breath-activated, you should be able to inhale freely and feel the flow of vapor. To preserve the lifespan of the cartridge, try to keep each puff under three seconds. But take as many puffs as needed to feel the desired effects.


Step Five: After Each Session

Follow up the end of each vaping session with a “dry hit” by inhaling for several seconds without applying heat. This influx of cool air will help clear out lingering vapor that would otherwise condense along the walls of the mouthpiece and lead to clogging. Make sure it is light enough that you’re not vaping the oil but clearing out any leftover oil in cartridge instead.

These “dry hits” are the single-most effective way to reduce clogging in your cart.


Step Six: Storage

Caring for your cart doesn’t end after that magical first puff. When you’re finished using it for the day, there are three simple tips to help keep your cart properly functioning and effective.

Tip 1: Store upright — This will help prevent the cart from leaking and ensure the oil stays in the chamber.

Tip 2: Store at room temperature — A warmer environment will begin to degrade the oil over time, reading potency and effectiveness. Always keep your cart between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip 3: Store away from light — In addition to raising the temperature of the oil, direct sunlight can have similarly-damaging effects on the active cannabinoids.


Questions? Need Help Troubleshooting?

If you are still having trouble with your vape cartridge, 3Chi is here to help. You can reach us at, or follow this link HERE to submit a request directly. Our support specialists are happy to answer any further questions. And if you would like to shop for delta 8 cartridges, follow this link HERE


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