Delta 8 Tinctures

delta 8 tinctures


Let’s explore delta 8 tinctures. There are several effective ways to consume delta 8. Overwhelmingly, the most popular options continue to be vape cartridges and edibles. The two represent over 80 percent of all delta 8 consumed, and are both excellent options — each with their own advantages. But a method that has been quickly growing in popularity involves delta 8 tincture. These drops offer many of the benefits of edibles, but users find them better-suited for immediate effects in many ways. 

Here is why you should consider giving this little bottle of oil a try. 

Delta 8 Tinctures: Edibles You Don’t Chew 

3Chi delta 8 tinctures are composed of high-purity delta 8 distillate, and paired with a carrier oil to increase the speed of absorption. 3Chi tinctures use MCT oil as the carrier oil. Additionally, 3Chi uses third-party lab testing for all cannabinoid products, ensuring the only the highest-possible quality oil  makes its way to the consumer.

Like traditional edibles, users take tinctures orally. To consume, place a few drops under the tongue and hold them there for 60-90 seconds. There are two immediate advantages to this method.

Unlike edibles, which can often take well over an hour to kick in, tinctures can hit as fast as a vape cartridge. Users consistently report feeling the effects almost instantly, as soon as the drops hit the tissue under the tongue. This is particularly useful for newer users, for whom dosing can be tricky. The faster effects means tinctures are much easier to gauge, and you can ramp up slowly and accurately. 

As a bonus, consuming delta 8 via tincture can be more convenient than the alternative. Vaping is not nearly as discreet, and gummies are often sweet-based and sugary. Tinctures have neither of those downsides. The delta 8 is absorbed by the porous tissue in the mouth and stomach in a gentle, non-damaging way.

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