Everything You Need to Start Dabbing Delta 8

If you’ve tried 3Chi’s Delta 8 THC Vapes and Delta 8 THC Gummies, you might also enjoy dabbing with our Delta 8 THC Sauces. Here is everything you need:

A Dab Rig

A rig is the key to dabbing. Once the concentrate is heated, the rig is the container that you’ll use to inhale the vapor. Rigs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but smaller is typically better for preserving the flavor and vapor of the concentrate. For first time dabbers, a smaller rig will also make it easier to start with more appropriately-sized doses. If you already own a bong or water pipe, that will work. Rigs are typically pretty unwieldy, which is part of the reason dabbing has earned a reputation as a bit of an inconvenience. However, there do exist portable rigs that are specifically designed for mobility.

The Nail

The nail is where the concentrate is vaporized. They are small, bowl-like attachments made out of titanium or quartz. While 99 percent of setups use quartz for the increased temperature control, metal can also be used to ensure long-lasting use. The nail is heated, typically using a handheld blowtorch, and the dab is placed on the surface — where it immediately turns into vapor for inhalation. Any local smoke shop will sell nails. But be careful: these nails come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and you need to be sure your nail will fit your setup. Do your research, or consult an employee at the smoke shop. The important bit to get right is the width of the stem on your rig vs the nail. As long as those align, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Nails are also typically quite affordable.

The Dab Tool

Moving the concentrate onto the heated nail is done with a dab tool. These are thin, heat-resistant pieces of metal about the length of a toothbrush. One side is typically flattened out for convenient scooping. Dab tools are the most replaceable part of the setup. A rig and nail are absolutely essential, but any clear, non-conductive material can be used as a dab tool to work with the concentrate.

The Torch

Torches are used to heat the nail before the dab is applied. A handheld butane torch will work – they are durable, consistent, and cheap to refill. Cooking torches work quite well for this step too. The important thing is a steady flame that burns much hotter than any lighter or match. A torch will typically cost around $40. You can find them at most smoke shops and grocery stores. If you’re on a budget, the torch is likely the most expensive investment.

The Concentrate — Why Delta 8?

The major benefit of dabbing Delta 8 is the more functional high. Dabbing introduces an extremely concentrated dose of THC to the user. With cannabis, these higher doses can commonly be accompanied by feelings of paranoia, or lead to disorientation. Dabbing with Delta 8 can provide relief without becoming overwhelming.

The Clean Up — The Overlooked Step

Cleaning your rig is more than a matter of tidiness. Proper upkeep will increase the lifetime of your setup, and more importantly, help you preserve your concentrate. Q-Tips and cotton swabs should always be on-hand to wipe the oily residue from your dab nail after every hit. This also helps to maintain the flavor of each dab, as the dried oil can inadvertently alter that profile. To build on this idea, regular cleanings of the rig is vital to a tasty experience. Build up in the chamber can seriously hamper the flavor and even flow of the vapor. Use cleaning supplies like isopropyl alcohol at least once a week to keep your setup squeaky clean. Just add the alcohol and some salt into the rig and shake furiously until the sides are good as new. Just remember to dump out the alcohol before next use!

In Summary

This may sound like a lot of specific equipment, but the up-front cost is lower than you think. All of the equipment mentioned above can be found for as little as $100 total. The payoff is well worth the investment. There are few methods as effective as dabbing at generating powerful sensations and elevating your Delta 8 experience.

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