Buy Delta 8 Online Legally

buy delta 8 online

There has never been a better time to try delta 8. The cannabinoid market as a whole is more widespread and affordable than ever before, and the quality of the oils and flower continues to increase as companies continually improve growing and extraction methods.

Cannabis saw several states move towards legalization in 2020.

Sometimes the online marketplace can still feel like a bit of a gamble. Laws and regulations can vary wildly even within regions, and the federal ban on cannabis, which prevents any cannabis delivery by mail, is often enough to scare many potential customers away.

Fortunately, delta 8 has several legitimate avenues to find and order a huge range of products – with being one of them.

Where You Can, Where You Can’t

From a legal perspective, delta 8 exists in a completely different classification from cannabis. Delta 8 is federally legal as of 2018. It was removed from the controlled substance list thanks to a landmark piece of legislation called the Farm Bill.

This difference means delta 8 can be shipped by any mail carrier to all legal states. And the good news is that most states fall into this legal bucket. There are currently only a handful states that have specifically banned delta 8. The remaining states have effectively zero restrictions on the sale and possession of delta 8 and delta 8 products. Meaning if you live in a legal state, you can buy delta 8 online right now from

Finding a Source 

3Chi is the best-established delta 8 company, and they were the first to offer federally legal delta 8. They use organic, US hemp, and sell vape cartridges, tinctures, concentrates and edibles.

3Chi offers a wide range of flavors and strains. Delta 8 exists naturally in hemp and cannabis, and so it is broken down into the same Indica and Sativa strains that you’re probably familiar with.

In general, Sativa strains are known for their energizing and uplifting sensations. Indica strains are defined by their drowsy and relaxing vibes. There is a wealth of online information on nearly every strain and hybrid in existence. One strain might work better than others, depending on your needs.

And as with any online purchase, the most important thing is to trust the website. If it seems inauthentic in any way, even if the prices appear tempting, steer clear. 3Chi is affordable, reliable and the known industry leader in delta 8 products.

3 Tips to Improve Your Online Order Experience

Order in bulk —  3Chi offers some special discounts from time to time on bulk purchases. If you are buying something like cartridges, where you can store them for months without consequence, consider taking advantage of this.

Track your package — This is good advice for any online order, but it is particularly important when the products are more valuable. Be sure to anticipate the arrival of your package and be ready to pick it up immediately. No one wants to lose $150 worth of delta 8 oil because of a stolen delivery.

Remember what you liked — It can be helpful to keep track of which products were your favorite for future reference. I make notes on all of the strains and flavors I order. That way I can easily reference the list six months down the line. As a 3Chi registered customer, you can view past orders to see what you ordered previously to purchase it again.

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to buy delta 8 online and explore the huge selection of products from the comfort of your own home. So good luck, and happy shopping!

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